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Most sophisticated in vitro mouse embryo created from stem cells
5 July 2021 - by Stella Hume
A mouse embryo has been developed artificially in a lab from embryonic stem cells that represents the most sophisticated in vitro mammalian model ever created... [Read More]
COVID-19 vaccines do not damage the placenta or cause infertility
17 May 2021 - by Stella Hume
The COVID-19 coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) vaccine does not cause damage to the placenta, a study has confirmed... [Read More]
Sperm donors sell on Facebook as fertility clinics run short in pandemic
22 February 2021 - by Stella Hume
A shortage of donor sperm donations has resulted in delays to fertility treatments and has fuelled demand for alternative options through social media... [Read More]
Self-renewal ability of blood stem cells identified
1 February 2021 - by Stella Hume
The pathway that allows blood stem cells to hibernate, and therefore repeatedly renew themselves, has been revealed... [Read More]
Stem cell discovery may lead to new treatments for placenta complications
28 September 2020 - by Stella Hume
A new way to create stem cells that are able to produce placenta tissue has been discovered, potentially leading to new treatments for placenta complications that may arise during pregnancy.