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FILM: More Trouble in Store? The Two-Year Extension to Embryo and Gamete Storage Limits

27 July 2020
By BioNews
Appeared in BioNews 1057

This film documents the Progress Educational Trust event 'More Trouble in Store? The Two-Year Extension to Embryo and Gamete Storage Limits'.

If you are interested in this topic, please consider signing and sharing PET's #ExtendTheLimit petition, calling for a permanent extension to the UK storage limit for eggs frozen for non-medical reasons.

(If you cannot see the 'More Trouble in Store?' film below, click here to view it.)

00:00 Sarah Norcross
Director, Progress Educational Trust

03:45 James Lawford Davies
Partner, Hill Dickinson

21:48 Responses to audience questions and comments

51:18 Sarah Norcross
Director, Progress Educational Trust

This film was made by Video Production Edinburgh.

Register now for the Progress Educational Trust's upcoming public events, all of which will be held online.

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