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Storing embryos for longer may reduce chances of pregnancy success
29 June 2020 - by Emma Bunting
The vitrification method of freezing and storing embryos is safe, but the length of time embryos are kept in storage may affect their chances of resulting in a pregnancy and successful birth... [Read More]
Genetic mutation rate could predict lifespan and fertility
22 June 2020 - by Emma Bunting
Determining when ageing starts, our predicted remaining lifespan, and how long women remain fertile can be predicted from the rate we accumulate mutations as young adults, scientists claim... [Read More]
New technology to select best quality sperm
15 June 2020 - by Emma Bunting
What if it were possible to improve IVF success rates, and reduce miscarriages by selecting the best sperm?
Surrogate-born babies stranded in Ukraine during coronavirus lockdown
26 May 2020 - by Emma Bunting
The COVID-19 pandemic has left parents across the globe whose children have been born through surrogacy in Ukraine across the globe unable to bring their babies home... [Read More]
Human stem cells grown inside mouse embryos
18 May 2020 - by Emma Bunting
Scientists have developed a method that dramatically increases the production of human stem cells using mouse embryos... [Read More]
Organoid models suggest COVID-19 virus infects human intestinal cells
11 May 2020 - by Emma Bunting
New research suggests COVID-19 can infect and multiply within¬†intestinal¬†cells... [Read More]
Clinical results released from a novel blood-based multicancer test
4 May 2020 - by Emma Bunting
A new blood test can double the number of cancer cases detected before symptoms develop, when combined with existing screening programmes... [Read More]

BioNews Review articles written by Emma Bunting:

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Podcast Review: BBC Sounds - Pride and joy
15 June 2020 - by Emma Bunting
When starting his transition, doctors told Freddy McConnell he would never be able to have children. Five years later, he gave birth to his son Jack... [Read More]