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Javier Bautista

BioNews News articles written by Javier Bautista:
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Hair regeneration using stem cells to treat baldness
26 May 2020 - by Javier Bautista
Stem cells derived from fat can lead to hair regrowth for people with a common type of baldness, according to a new study... [Read More]
3D sperm imaging could improve ICSI
18 May 2020 - by Javier Bautista
A new three dimensional (3D) imaging method can identify┬ásperm moving at high speed and may help select the best sperm for use in assisted conception... [Read More]
New CRISPR-based COVID-19 point-of-care diagnostic
11 May 2020 - by Javier Bautista
A COVID-19 diagnostic kit is in development that uses CRISPR and can be performed in a single test tube in one hour... [Read More]
Breast and ovarian cancer drug repurposed to treat prostate cancer
4 May 2020 - by Javier Bautista
A drug already used to treat breast and ovarian cancer can also significantly delay the progression of prostate cancer... [Read More]