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FILM: Surrogacy - Do We Need Global Guidelines?

13 December 2019
By BioNews
Appeared in BioNews 1028

In this film, Sarah Norcross - director of the Progress Educational Trust, the charity that publishes BioNews - discusses global surrogacy.

The film, from the TRT World programme Roundtable, is presented by David Foster. It also features:

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6 July 2020 - by Sarah Williams 
International commercial surrogacy arrangements are inherently complex and unpredictable at the best of times...
8 June 2020 - by Liam Davis 
Legal parenthood has been granted to an intended father who died before his surrogate-carried child was born...
4 May 2020 - by Susan Tranfield-Thomas 
The word 'nest' has several connotations – vipers, cuckoos, supernatural entities – so many malevolent associations pop into my head. A 'nest' in a gothic context is anything but a place of safety, so I settled down to watch BBC One's 'The Nest' ready to give my overactive imagination some exercise with gloomy nursery images of spooky rocking horses and dolls...
30 March 2020 - by Suzi Denton 
The COVID-19 pandemic is preventing many families expecting children through international surrogacy from being present for the birth, or from bringing their child home...
27 January 2020 - by Dr Sonia Allan, Damian Adams and Stephanie Raeymaekers 
As we enter 2020 and countries continue to grapple with the issues raised by donor-conception and surrogacy, reflection on recent 'consultations' and 'reviews' by government, not-for-profit and United Nations (UN) organisations around the world reveal that meaningful inclusion of the voices of people born as a result of such practices is often lacking...
Comment ( - 04/01/2020)
The surrogate motherhood theme is very long and for many years it has been conducting already. Nevertheless it is always so special and to say so unusual to watch and hear such stories. I mean that in any case it’s difficult anyway to imagine how women agree for this. And what do they feel like during all this period. I realize that it is extremely serious procedure and it is about living people! Once I had to address fertility clinic and to use the help of IVF procedure. But I understand it is absolutely different things – surrogacy and in vitro fertilization. Meanwhile IVF also was very difficult for me to accept and to go through it.
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