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E-CRISPR could be used to rapidly detect viruses
18 November 2019 - by Laura Riggall
Researchers claim that the genome-editing tool CRISPR could be used to detect dangerous viruses in a drop of blood within an hour... [Read More]
Cancer cells limit DNA repair to overcome treatment
11 November 2019 - by Laura Riggall
Colorectal cancer cells increase the rate of mutations and impair DNA repair in their genomes to become more resistant to targeted therapies, a new study suggests... [Read More]
Mother takes legal action against sperm bank for her child's dwarfism
4 November 2019 - by Laura Riggall
A woman has taken a sperm bank to court after giving birth to a child with dwarfism despite choosing a 6-foot-tall donor on its website, according to Russian reports... [Read More]
Rare genetic quirk twice as common as thought
14 October 2019 - by Laura Riggall
Inheriting two copies of a chromosome from a single parent is more common than previously thought, according to a new study... [Read More]
Fertility treatment is becoming safer says HFEA report
7 October 2019 - by Laura Riggall
A new report from the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) has shown that fertility treatment is becoming safer, with the standard of care improving across UK clinics... [Read More]
Study finds 44 genes linked to hearing loss
30 September 2019 - by Laura Riggall
Researchers have identified 44 genes linked to age-related hearing loss... [Read More]
IVF may increase gestational diabetes risk
23 September 2019 - by Laura Riggall
Women who give birth following the use of assisted reproductive technologies, including IVF, are more likely to develop gestational diabetes, a new study suggests... [Read More]

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Podcast Review: The dangers of DIY genetic testing – Science Weekly, The Guardian
28 October 2019 - by Laura Riggall
By 2022 the world's consumer genetic testing market is expected to quadruple to £200 million, according to The Guardian. But while the popularity of DIY genetic testing has undergone huge expansion in recent years, doctors and scientists have called for a crackdown on tests offered by consumer genetics companies such as 23andMe and AncestryDNA... [Read More]