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BioNews Comment articles written by Sophia McCully:

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The 14-day limit should be extended to 28 days
15 February 2021 - by Sophia McCully
The '14-day rule', initially proposed in 1979 in the USA, was first recommended in the UK by the Warnock Committee in 1984. It limits research on intact human embryos 'prior to 14 days' gestation or the beginning of primitive streak formation' and is part of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008... [Read More]
What Is a Fertility Doctor's Duty?
16 December 2019 - by Sophia McCully
The subject of this year's Progress Educational Trust annual conference was 'a realistic look at assisted reproduction'... [Read More]

BioNews Review articles written by Sophia McCully:

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Event Review: Transforming Medicine - The Promise of Human Genome Editing for Rare and Genetic Disease
16 September 2019 - by Sophia McCully
At the 2019 FORUM Annual Lecture at the Academy of Medical Sciences in London, Dr John Leonard, president and chief executive officer at Intellia Therapeutics gave an enlightening overview of the work they are doing towards clinical application of genome editing and his thoughts on the general genome editing field... [Read More]