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Egg Donor and Surrogacy Options (European Seminar Series)

Growing Families
Assorted venues in London, Dublin, Stockholm and Berlin
10 November 2019 - 17 November 2019

Families Through Surrogacy rebranded as Growing Families in July this year to better reflect the wide range of intended parents, donors and surrogates we educate - those who create families via not only surrogacy, but egg and sperm donation.

We specialise in providing reliable education on surrogacy or egg donation. As a result, 2019 has seen our education successfully expand into Hong Kong and Germany.

Given the mountain of conflicting and confusing advice available, particularly online and via Fertility Show style events, our education focuses on the lived experience - parents and surrogates sharing their journeys. As well, we provide regular updates of how different countries approach surrogacy, legal and citizenship questions, embryo shipping and IVF considerations, realistic costs and risks.

We are seeing a substantial increase in intended parents engaging online with unknown agents with shiny websites, but often little real experience and no concern for the best outcomes for children and surrogates alike.

Amidst calls for global regulation of surrogacy practice and the closure of Asia to foreigners seeking surrogacy, new programs are emerging in countries as diverse as Cyprus, Columbia and Czech Republic.

Whether you are 28 or 58, single or partnered, gay or heterosexual, family building needs to be carefully planned to ensure that neither intended parents, donors nor surrogates are exploited. Most importantly, the rights of children to understand their origins is vital.

This month our London seminar will feature UK parents who have successfully engaged with independent or managed donor or surrogacy programs in the UK, Ukraine, USA, Greece and Cyprus.

So if you work in the fertility sector or are contemplating surrogacy or donor egg processes, consider attending one of our seminars in London, Dublin, Stockholm or Berlin. Details can be found here.