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Whole Genome Sequencing

Determining the order of every base in an organism's genome. Differs from genotyping, which only looks at a specific subset of bases.

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200,000 whole genomes sequenced by UK Biobank available to researchers 22 November 2021 News
Whole Genome Sequencing at Birth: What Should Be Looked For? What Should Be Fed Back? 22 November 2021 Comment
Rare disease diagnosis improved by whole genome sequencing 15 November 2021 News
Whole genome sequencing to improve child cancer outcomes 15 November 2021 News
Gene variants linked to syndrome that causes hearing loss and infertility 8 November 2021 News
Newborn Screening: What Should Be Screened for and How? 8 November 2021 Comment
Whole genome sequencing useful for diagnosing mitochondrial disorders 8 November 2021 News
UK BioBank study links gene variants to health 1 November 2021 News
Early embryo cell fate discovered with whole genome sequencing 6 September 2021 News
Disease-causing sperm mutations identified in one in 15 men 16 August 2021 News
Regulating genomics – the next decade 19 July 2021 Comment
Nationwide UK public dialogue supports whole genome sequencing in newborns 12 July 2021 News
A matter of diagnosis... and why diagnosis matters 28 June 2021 Comment
Podcast Review: How to be a Superhero – The hidden powers within your genes 29 March 2021 Review
Qatar leads the way in mapping genetic risk factors for the Arab population 22 March 2021 Comment
First study of the genomic architecture of the human placenta 15 March 2021 News
The role of genomic sequencing in the COVID-19 pandemic 25 January 2021 News
Correlation and Causation: What Can Genetics and Genomics Tell Us about COVID-19? 21 December 2020 Comment
Genetic variants linked to severe COVID-19 identified 14 December 2020 News
National Genomic Healthcare Strategy: a view from Genomics England 19 October 2020 Comment
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