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'Living robot' life forms created from frog embryo cells
20 January 2020 - by Bethany Muller
Scientists at the University of Vermont and Tufts University, Massachusetts have reported building so-called 'biological robots' for the first time... [Read More]
Artificial womb to be developed for premature babies
14 October 2019 - by Bethany Muller
A €2.9m grant has been awarded to a consortium in the Netherlands to fund the development of an artificial womb to support premature babies... [Read More]
'Secret handshake' between sperm and uterus
22 July 2019 - by Bethany Muller
A study reveals that a molecular handshake may exist between uterine cells and sperm that may help sperm evade attack by the female immune response... [Read More]
Artificial intelligence learns to identify good embryos for IVF
8 April 2019 - by Bethany Muller
Researchers have trained artificial intelligence software to grade human embryos with a high degree of accuracy... [Read More]
London hospital to provide ovary freezing for cancer patients
21 January 2019 - by Bethany Muller
A programme for freezing ovarian tissue to preserve fertility before cancer treatment in young girls is being launched at the Royal Free London Hospital, Hampstead... [Read More]
'Molecular signature' of childhood trauma discovered in men's sperm
8 October 2018 - by Bethany Muller
Scientists have discovered alterations in sperm cell DNA of adult men who had been abused as a child... [Read More]
Birth defect in boys linked to cancer and infertility
3 September 2018 - by Bethany Muller
A large study in Australia has found a link between undescended testes at birth and development of testicular cancer and infertility in later life... [Read More]