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Poll: When It Takes More Than Two

This poll contains six questions and takes only a few minutes to complete. All responses will be anonymous.

The poll forms part of the Progress Educational Trust (PET) project 'When It Takes More Than Two'. At three public events held as part of the project, audiences were asked what questions about donor conception they wanted PET to put to the public. The following six questions were chosen from their suggestions.

  1. Should anonymous egg and sperm donation be allowed in the UK?

  2. Would you be discouraged from donating sperm or eggs, if anyone conceived with your donation could contact you once they were 18?

  3. Would you be encouraged to donate sperm or eggs, if this could be done anonymously?

  4. Should it be compulsory for all donor-conceived people to be told they are donor-conceived?
    By whom should they be told? (Please check all that apply)

  5. Should egg and sperm donors be allowed to place conditions on who receives their donation?
    On what grounds should donors be permitted to prevent people from receiving their donation?

  6. Should people who are considering having children via donor conception be encouraged to adopt instead?

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