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Nishat Hyder

Nishat Hyder was previously a Volunteer Writer at BioNews. She is currently studying for a PhD in Bioethics and Medical Jurisprudence at the University of Manchester's Centre for Social Ethics and Policy, where her research focuses on the legal and ethical challenges posed by artifical life technologies. Previously, she studied Law at the London School of Economics and Political Science, and went on to complete the Bar Professional Training Course at Brierley Price Prior Law School. She is particularly interested in jurisprudence, political theory, ethics, evolutionary theory, and how these disciplines relate to the emergence of new medical technologies.

BioNews Comment articles written by Nishat Hyder:
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Will pharmacogenetics lead to colour-coded medicine?
23 May 2011 - by Nishat Hyder
'Will pharmacogenetics lead to colour-coded medicine?' was the question posed at the Progress Educational Trust (PET)'s panel discussion on 10 May 2011. This event, which is part of a wider project, 'Genes, ancestry and racial identity: Does it matter where your genes come from?' was held at the Foresight Centre, University of Liverpool... [Read More]

BioNews Review articles written by Nishat Hyder:
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TV Review: Mixed Race Britain - How the World Got Mixed Up
17 October 2011 - by Nishat Hyder
'One of the very few universal laws of history is this: whenever and wherever people of different races have been brought together they have always mixed. For most of human history the power of sex managed to undermine the power of race'... [Read More]

BioNews News articles written by Nishat Hyder:
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Over 500 UK sperm donors have 'fathered' more than ten children each
26 August 2014 - by Nishat Hyder
The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority has revealed that 504 sperm donors in the UK have between them 'fathered' more than 6,200 children.... [Read More]
HFEA will not appeal frozen sperm ruling
17 March 2014 - by Nishat Hyder
Beth Warren's legal battle to keep her late husband's frozen sperm has finally ended following the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority's announcement that it will not appeal the High Court ruling in Mrs Warren's favour... [Read More]
Craigslist sperm donor is legal father, US court rules
27 January 2014 - by Nishat Hyder
A Kansas court has ruled that a man who donated sperm to a lesbian couple in response to a Craigslist advertisement is the legal father of the resulting child. The decision means the man can be required to pay child support.... [Read More]
Australian woman given permission to use late husband's sperm for IVF
6 January 2014 - by Nishat Hyder
The South Australian Supreme Court has granted a woman permission to use her deceased husband's sperm for IVF treatment.... [Read More]
Italian scientific panel advises against government-funded stem cell trials
23 September 2013 - by Nishat Hyder
An expert panel of scientists has issued a report advising the Italian Government against continuing to support a controversial stem cell therapy, deeming it 'unscientific'.... [Read More]
Investigation casts doubt on controversial Italian stem cell treatments
15 July 2013 - by Nishat Hyder
Davide Vannoni, head of the Stamina Foundation in Turin, Italy, and pioneer of a controversial stem cell therapy, has once again hit the headlines amid allegations of poor research methodology... [Read More]
Italian government orders trial of controversial stem cell therapy
3 June 2013 - by Nishat Hyder
The Italian Senate has approved an 18-month, €3 million clinical trial of a controversial stem cell-based therapy. The vote, on 22 May 2013, will also allow a hospital to continue to treat twelve patients already undergoing the contested treatment... [Read More]
India limits surrogacy visas to married couples
21 January 2013 - by Nishat Hyder
The Indian Home Ministry has issued strict visa guidelines making it more difficult for commissioning parents to obtain visas for entry to India for surrogacy arrangements... [Read More]
Parents sue hospital for failing to spot son's fatal chromosomal abnormality
12 November 2012 - by Nishat Hyder
The parents of a child with serious disabilities caused by an inherited rare genetic condition who died shortly after birth are suing St George's Hospital, London for failing to test for and identify the condition before birth.... [Read More]
Stem cell therapy for autism gets clinical trial go-ahead
28 August 2012 - by Nishat Hyder
Stem cells harvested from patients' own umbilical cord blood are to be trialled in the US as treatment for children with autism... [Read More]