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Genome's non-coding 'dark matter' plays role in cancer development
23 November 2020 - by Charlott Repschlager
Genomic 'dark matter' has been suggested to play a role in the development of pancreatic cancer... [Read More]
IVF does not increase long-term risk of ovarian cancer
23 November 2020 - by Dr Molly Godfrey
Women who have received fertility treatment are not at increased risk of ovarian cancer, according to a new study... [Read More]
Japanese bill defines parenthood in fertility treatment cases
23 November 2020 - by Anna Wernick
A bill submitted to Japanese Parliament seeks to legally define the parental status of individuals who use sperm and egg donation... [Read More]
Mother serves as her daughter's surrogate, giving birth to her grandchild
23 November 2020 - by Tsvetana Stoilova
A 51-year-old grandmother offered to act as a surrogate for her daughter and gave birth to a healthy girl... [Read More]
New drug to treat female reproductive problems and improve fertility
23 November 2020 - by Bethany Muller
A new drug that may be able to improve fertility for women with ovulatory problems has been showcased by researchers at Imperial College London... [Read More]
Novel cancer driver genes discovered by prediction algorithm
23 November 2020 - by Dr George Janes
A new algorithm has exploited epigenetic and genetic cancer data to enable the discovery of novel cancer driver genes... [Read More]
Supreme court will not hear appeal of man who gave birth
23 November 2020 - by Dr Kimberley Bryon-Dodd
A trans man who gave birth has lost his last chance in the UK legal system to be registered as his child's father on the birth certificate... [Read More]
Epigenetic risks during pregnancy reduced with lifestyle intervention
16 November 2020 - by Eleanor Mackle
Mothers with obesity and gestational diabetes may be able to reduce the risk of epigenetic changes to their baby's DNA by making dietary and lifestyle changes during pregnancy... [Read More]
Fertility takes up to eight months to return after stopping contraception
16 November 2020 - by Georgia Everett
Women may have to wait up for up to eight months for their fertility to return to normal after stopping some forms of contraceptives... [Read More]
Gene critical in heart development protects immune system from ageing
16 November 2020 - by Blair Sowry
A gene linked to heart development in the embryo also has a role in human immune system function, new research has found... [Read More]
Gene discovered that controls food cravings and motivation to exercise
16 November 2020 - by Purvi Shah and Jen Willows
US researchers have discovered a gene that may play an influential role in food cravings and motivation to exercise... [Read More]
Hidden coronavirus gene offers treatment potential
16 November 2020 - by Anna Wernick
The discovery of a hidden gene in the SARS-CoV-2 virus could offer new clues to combatting COVID-19... [Read More]
IVF to be publicly funded in Québec
16 November 2020 - by Daniel Jacobson
Public funding for IVF will become available again for couples in Québec, Canada, struggling to conceive, following its cancellation in 2015... [Read More]
Organoids mimic the early development of the heart in mouse embryos
16 November 2020 - by Jennifer Frosch
Organoids can be used to study early stages of heart development in mouse embryos, scientists say... [Read More]
Possible epigenetic target for endometriosis treatment
16 November 2020 - by Tsvetana Stoilova
Targeting epigenetic changes caused by gene mutations could potentially treat a severe form of endometriosis, a recent study has reported... [Read More]
Safer, targeted method to deliver CRISPR genome therapy developed
16 November 2020 - by Christina Burke
Light-activated liposomes may deliver CRISPR genome therapy more safely than current methods, researchers have found... [Read More]
BMI of both partners affects time to pregnancy
9 November 2020 - by Tsvetana Stoilova
Optimal body mass index (BMI) of both female and male partner decreases time to conception in first-time pregnancies, a large-scale study has shown. [Read More]
COVID-19 invades the testes of some men infected with SARS-CoV-2
9 November 2020 - by Javier Bautista
COVID-19 can invade testes in men who are infected with the virus, suggesting potential implications to male fertility, according to a new study.... [Read More]
Draft guidance from watchdog cracks down on IVF clinics
9 November 2020 - by Martha Roberts
The UK Competition and Markets Authority has released draft guidance for the UK fertility sector, to ensure IVF clinics understand and comply with consumer law... [Read More]
Epigenetic clock gives insight into brain ageing and dementia
9 November 2020 - by Anna Wernick
A novel body clock has been developed which can predict our brain's age and how prone we are to dementia... [Read More]
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