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Fetal expression of imprinted genes regulates placental growth in late pregnancy
10 January 2022 - by Dr Emma Green
Scientists have determined the expression of two genes in the fetus, one from the mother and one from the father, is essential for regulation of blood vessel growth in the placenta... [Read More]
Gene involved in sense of smell may play a role in breast cancer metastasis
10 January 2022 - by Anna Wernick
Not only do our olfactory receptors send smell signals to the brain, but they can also promote the spread of cancer there too... [Read More]
Gene therapy developed to treat limb-girdle muscular dystrophy
10 January 2022 - by Dr Holly Barker
A new gene therapy approach has shown promise in a preclinical mouse model for treating limb-girdle muscular dystrophy 2B, a rare genetic disorder which causes severe muscle weakness... [Read More]
Human embryo gene expression starts at one-cell stage
10 January 2022 - by Dr Maria Botcharova
A new study shows that embryos begin to show gene expression when they are just at the single-cell stage, right after fertilisation... [Read More]
Knot-like DNA structures may drive cancer development
10 January 2022 - by Abbie Harper
DNA with knot-like structures and third rungs between the two strands may drive cancer development, with an important regulatory enzyme involved in the formation of these structures... [Read More]
Liver fat directly increases risk of developing type 2 diabetes
10 January 2022 - by Jessica Peixinho
A recent study has found that a genetic predisposition to a fatty liver is key to the risk of developing type 2 diabetes... [Read More]
Unvaccinated women denied fertility treatment in Scotland
10 January 2022 - by Ruth Retassie
Some patients in Scotland have had their treatment delayed because they are not fully vaccinated against COVID-19... [Read More]
Claim that vaping damages DNA questioned by researchers
20 December 2021 - by Ara Schorscher-Petcu
Regular use of e-cigarettes, also known as vaping, has been linked to DNA damage resembling that of smoking, reported a team of scientists... [Read More]
Embryo-like complexes generated from mouse stem cells
20 December 2021 - by Dr George Janes
Reprogrammed mouse stem cells self-organise into embryo-like structures, providing a new tool for embryology research... [Read More]
Endometrial scratching offered by 1/3 of IVF clinics
20 December 2021 - by Manon Everard
Endometrial scratching is currently being offered by 34 percent of IVF clinics in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, according to a latest survey... [Read More]
Fertility treatment atlas reveals inequalities in access across Europe
20 December 2021 - by Paige Mumford
New research has ranked 43 European countries based on fertility policies and accessibility of treatments, revealing a mix of policies across Europe... [Read More]
Francis Collins steps down as NIH director after 12 years
20 December 2021 - by Francesca Gavins
Former head of the Human Genome Project, physician and geneticist, Francis Collins has resigned from his role of the head of the US National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland... [Read More]
Genes involved in cardiac development and disease identified
20 December 2021 - by Hannah Flynn
Genes that could be involved in heart development have been identified using a method that looks for candidate genes not solely expressed in heart tissue. [Read More]
Assisted reproduction and surrogacy bills passed by Indian Parliament
13 December 2021 - by Sarah Pritchard
The Indian Parliament has approved two bills regulating fertility treatment and surrogacy practices in the country... [Read More]
Early male and female germ cells regulate their gene expression differently
13 December 2021 - by Eleanor Gallegos
Gene expression during early development of primordial germ cells is sex-specific... [Read More]
FANCI gene mutation more common in ovarian cancer patients
13 December 2021 - by Francesca Gavins
Mutations in the FANCI gene have been linked to risks of ovarian cancer for the first time... [Read More]
Four-stranded DNA structure interactions play role in ageing syndrome
13 December 2021 - by Paige Mumford
A protein that is known to be affected in people with the rare ageing disease Cockayne syndrome, has been shown to interact with four-stranded DNA... [Read More]
New CRISPR methods with potential for microbiome genome editing
13 December 2021 - by Christina Burke
Researchers have developed several new CRISPR techniques to modify the genomes of bacterial populations on a large scale... [Read More]
Woman needs High Court permission to use late husband's sperm
13 December 2021 - by Ara Schorscher-Petcu
A widow must go to the High Court for permission to use her deceased husband's frozen sperm... [Read More]
Candidate drug targeting metastasis could stop cancer spreading
6 December 2021 - by James Moore
Researchers have identified a molecule that could be used as a drug to prevent metastasis, a process by which cancer can spread and cause death... [Read More]
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