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Arizona woman cannot use frozen embryos against ex-husband's wishes
27 January 2020 - by Laura Riggall
A woman cannot use her frozen embryos to have a baby following opposition from her ex-husband, the Arizona Supreme Court has ruled... [Read More]
Can posthumous donation tackle the UK's sperm shortage?
27 January 2020 - by Alegria Vaz Mouyal
Men should be permitted to donate their sperm after death in the same way they can donate organs, according to a new paper in the Journal of Medical Ethics... [Read More]
Development of guidelines for research on stem-cell based embryo models
27 January 2020 - by Jen Willows
New international guidelines are being developed to establish ethical parameters for scientists working with human stem-cell based embryo models... [Read More]
Essex CCG considers bringing back NHS IVF
27 January 2020 - by Dr Joanne Delange
North-east Essex could be reinstating free IVF treatment on the NHS after a controversial decision to withdraw treatment... [Read More]
RNA discovery changes our understanding of gene expression
27 January 2020 - by Christina Burke
Researchers have discovered a new mechanism of DNA transcription regulation, controlled by specialised subtypes of RNA molecules... [Read More]
Embryo research to reduce the need for IVF raises ethical concerns
20 January 2020 - by Jennifer Frosch
Researchers testing a new way to harvest embryos for genetic screening have been criticised for paying participating women in Mexico to become inseminated and subsequently terminate the pregnancy.... [Read More]
EPO officially cancel the Broad Institute's CRISPR patent
20 January 2020 - by Dr Yvonne Collins
The European Patent Office announced that it will uphold an earlier ruling to retract a key CRISPR/Cas9 patent held by the Broad Institute... [Read More]
Genomics England and Illumina partner on whole genome sequencing
20 January 2020 - by Melanie Krause
Genomics England has announced it will partner with Illumina, a US-based manufacturing and service company providing automated DNA sequencing... [Read More]
Hungary to provide free fertility treatment to boost population
20 January 2020 - by Georgia Everett
Hungary will be providing free IVF to couples to combat the country's declining birth rate, announced the Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban... [Read More]
'Living robot' life forms created from frog embryo cells
20 January 2020 - by Bethany Muller
Scientists at the University of Vermont and Tufts University, Massachusetts have reported building so-called 'biological robots' for the first time... [Read More]
Novel mutations in stem cells of young donors can be passed to recipients
20 January 2020 - by Emma Laycock
A new study suggests that rare harmful mutations in young healthy donors' stems cells can be passed on to recipients of stem cell transplants, potentially leading to health problems... [Read More]
Diabetes drug could lead to new treatment for recurrent miscarriage
13 January 2020 - by Dr Rachel Montgomery
New research has suggested that a drug already in use for type 2 diabetes might also help prevent recurrent miscarriages... [Read More]
NHS DNA sequencing to speed up diagnosis of critically ill children
13 January 2020 - by Charlott Repschlager
A new form of DNA testing that has the potential to rapidly diagnose rare diseases in critically ill babies and children has been made available on the NHS... [Read More]
Scientists find five times more genes linked to breast cancer than were previously known
13 January 2020 - by Marieke Bigg
A major international study of the genetics of breast cancer published in the journal Nature Genetics has identified more than 350 genetic variants that increase an individual's risk of developing the disease... [Read More]
The potential use of CRISPR to treat disease is gaining momentum
13 January 2020 - by Bernie Owusu-Yaw
Promising results from clinical trials give hope for using CRISPR genome editing to treat various heritable diseases and cancer in humans... [Read More]
Zinc and folic acid supplements do not improve male fertility
13 January 2020 - by Rachel Siden
A large-scale US study on male fertility has shown that taking zinc and folic acid supplements do not increase the health of sperm or rate of pregnancy... [Read More]
Chinese scientist who created genome-edited babies jailed
6 January 2020 - by Laura Riggall
Professor He Jiankui, the Chinese scientist who created the world’s first genome-edited babies, has been sentenced to three years in prison for violating medical regulations... [Read More]
Diet has rapid effects on sperm quality
6 January 2020 - by Dr Katie Howe
Diet can influence sperm quality after just a few weeks according to a small study from Sweden's Linkoping University... [Read More]
Direct-to-consumer fertility tests confuse and mislead consumers, study shows
6 January 2020 - by Eleanor Mackle
At-home fertility tests are an empowering tool for some women in making decisions about their fertility, but leave others feeling lost and confused, a new US study has found... [Read More]
Pentagon warns US military not to use home DNA testing kits
6 January 2020 - by Helen Robertson
The Pentagon is advising members of the US military not to use commercial DNA testing kits, stating that they could pose a security concern... [Read More]
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