Growing Families conferences in London and Dublin, March 2020
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Court considers request to access dead patient's fertility treatment records
24 February 2020 - by Rachel Siden
A British court is considering a claim to release a deceased patient's fertility clinic records to their heirs... [Read More]
Epigenetic changes linked to biological age
24 February 2020 - by Eleanor Lynam
Researchers at the University of Southern California report that a person's body-age is in some cases over 40 years above their actual age, whilst some people have a body-age that is decades younger... [Read More]
Gene therapy for blindness begins on the NHS
24 February 2020 - by Dr Jay Stone
The NHS has started to offer people with an inherited retinal disorder, known as Leber's Congenital Amaurosis (LCA) a revolutionary new gene therapy, which can restore their eyesight... [Read More]
Hormone gradient chip to assess male fertility
24 February 2020 - by Alegria Vaz Mouyal
A chip designed to mimic the chemical trail from sperm to egg may offer a more comprehensive picture of male fertility... [Read More]
IVF babies have a small increased risk of mortality
24 February 2020 - by Dr Rosie Gilchrist
Children conceived by assisted reproductive technologies, such as IVF, are at a slightly higher risk of dying within the first year of life than children conceived naturally, according to a recent study in Sweden... [Read More]
Statins may lower the risk of ovarian cancer
24 February 2020 - by Melanie Krause
Scientists from the University of Bristol have found a potential connection between the intake of statins and a reduction in ovarian cancer risk... [Read More]
UK Government adviser resigns over eugenics remarks
24 February 2020 - by Sandy Starr
A recently appointed adviser to the UK government, Andrew Sabisky, has resigned following widespread criticism of his views on topics including genetics and reproduction... [Read More]
World's first baby born from new egg freezing technique
24 February 2020 - by Eleanor Mackle
A woman whose cancer treatment left her infertile has given birth to a baby boy, through the first successful use of a new egg freezing technique... [Read More]
Dutch stem cell bank loses cells
17 February 2020 - by Dr Yvonne Collins
Dutch stem cell bank Cryo-Save has misplaced thousands of stem cell samples while transferring them from facilities across Europe to Poland... [Read More]
Fresh donor eggs better for IVF than frozen
17 February 2020 - by Dr Katie Howe
Using fresh donated eggs for IVF leads to slightly better birth outcomes than frozen, according to the largest comparison of fresh and frozen donor eggs for IVF to date... [Read More]
Improved base-editors advance CRISPR based genome editing
17 February 2020 - by Alegria Vaz Mouyal
Refined base editing techniques that appear to reduce off-target effects may improve the accuracy of future gene therapies, according to new research... [Read More]
Metabolic compound may reverse fertility ageing in women
17 February 2020 - by Jennifer Frosch
A metabolic compound can reverse the ageing process of eggs in mice and could lead to new non-invasive treatments for improving fertility in older women, researchers say... [Read More]
New consumer law guidelines for IVF sector
17 February 2020 - by Eleanor Taylor
The UK Competition and Markets Authority will create consumer protection guidelines for the UK fertility sector, to ensure that IVF clinics practice in accordance with current consumer law... [Read More]
Ten year storage of eggs, sperm and embryos may be extended
17 February 2020 - by Christina Burke
The UK government has launched a public consultation on whether to change the ten-year storage limit on frozen eggs, sperm, and embryos... [Read More]
Coronavirus in newborn raises transmission questions
10 February 2020 - by Alegria Vaz Mouyal
A newborn baby has been diagnosed with the novel coronavirus, prompting questions about whether it can be passed from mother to child in the womb... [Read More]
CRISPR-edited cells for cancer treatment appear safe
10 February 2020 - by Christina Burke
Results published from a pioneering clinical trial in the USA have confirmed for the first time that treatment with genome-edited cells appears safe... [Read More]
Global cancer genome study reveals genetic secrets
10 February 2020 - by Isobel Steer
The largest-ever study of cancer genomes, the Pan-Cancer Project, has published a collection of 23 papers as the result of a ten-year collaboration... [Read More]
Key gene in making eggs and sperm discovered
10 February 2020 - by Dr Elizabeth Oliver
Researchers from Kumamoto University in Japan have revealed a potential genetic cause for infertility in a new study published in Developmental Cell... [Read More]
Lab-grown eggs and sperm a step closer
10 February 2020 - by Georgia Everett
A study, published in Cell Reports, investigating when and how human stem cells develop into egg and sperm cells could help generate lab-grown gametes to treat infertility... [Read More]
Study shows brain organoids are confused and disorganised
10 February 2020 - by Laura Riggall
Cerebral organoids fail to replicate the basic features of normal human brain development, according to a new study published in Nature... [Read More]
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