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Meetal Solanki

Meetal Solanki was previously a Volunteer Writer at BioNews.

BioNews News articles written by Meetal Solanki:
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First gene therapy for leukaemia approved
4 September 2017 - by Meetal Solanki
The world's first cancer treatment which uses a patient's own genetically modified immune cells has been approved... [Read More]
First personalised vaccines shows promise for skin cancer
10 July 2017 - by Meetal Solanki
A revolutionary vaccine uses the patient’s own immune response to target tumour cells and could be the first step in bespoke, precision medicine. 
Blood test for testicular cancer a step closer
19 June 2017 - by Meetal Solanki
Testing for certain genes could identify men with a ten-fold increased risk of testicular cancer, suggests a new study... [Read More]
Failed fertility treatment linked to higher risk of heart disease and stroke
20 March 2017 - by Meetal Solanki
A study has revealed a possible link between unsuccessful fertility treatments and a higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease... [Read More]
Birthweight linked to genes involved in adult diseases
3 October 2016 - by Meetal Solanki
Genes involved in determining a baby's birthweight may also predispose them to diseases in later life, such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes, a global study has found... [Read More]
Simple blood test could be 'smoke detector' for throat cancer
12 September 2016 - by Meetal Solanki
A blood test costing only £35 could help in the early diagnosis of oesophageal cancer and could be available in five years' time... [Read More]
Fourteen genes predict cancer response to therapy
5 September 2016 - by Meetal Solanki
A major study into cancer has uncovered fourteen genes which could predict how a patient will respond to tumour treatments, particularly chemotherapy and radiation... [Read More]
Genetic analysis shows progression of moles to melanoma
16 November 2015 - by Meetal Solanki
Researchers in the USA have mapped the sequence of genetic changes from early skin lesions, such as common moles, to malignant skin cancer... [Read More]
Genes account for half of testicular cancer risk
14 September 2015 - by Meetal Solanki
Gene mutations may account for as much of half the risk of developing testicular cancer, a study has suggested... [Read More]