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Dr Mary Yarwood

Mary Yarwood was previously a Volunteer Writer at BioNews, and a Volunteer at the charity that publishes it, the Progress Educational Trust (PET). She is currently studying for a PhD at Queen Mary University of London, where she previously obtained an MA in Medical Law and Ethics. Her PhD research focuses on whether prisoners should be given access to reproductive technologies to enable them to have children while incarcerated. Previously, she studied Law at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

BioNews Comment articles written by Dr Mary Yarwood:
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Sperm smuggling and fatherhood from behind bars
10 September 2012 - by Dr Mary Yarwood
The recent news reports that Ammar Zibden, a Palestinian imprisoned in Israel, has managed to smuggle his sperm out of prison and become a father highlight a number of problematic issues... [Read More]
Missing the point? Human rights, prisoners and artificial insemination
20 June 2011 - by Dr Mary Yarwood
The anger generated by the knowledge that in the UK only one prisoner since 2007 has been granted access to artificial insemination (AI) shows there is very little public support for prisoners starting a family while behind bars... [Read More]

BioNews Review articles written by Dr Mary Yarwood:
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Book Review: Moondance
13 March 2017 - by Dr Mary Yarwood
How can you long for someone who doesn't exist? Diane Chandler's second novel charts the story of Cat and Dom as they attempt to have a child through fertility treatment... [Read More]

BioNews News articles written by Dr Mary Yarwood:
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New York court rules embryo to be destroyed
11 June 2018 - by Dr Mary Yarwood
A New York Court has ordered that a former couple's last frozen embryo must be destroyed, per the husband's wishes, despite being the woman's last chance to have a biologically related child... [Read More]
Non-cohabiting married couple ruled legal parents in surrogacy case
19 March 2018 - by Dr Mary Yarwood
A UK man and woman in a platonic marriage have been granted a joint parenting order for their child, born via surrogate... [Read More]
Australian surrogate banned from child's life after bitter legal feud
23 October 2017 - by Dr Mary Yarwood
A surrogate from Queensland, Australia has had her parental rights removed after a judge decided it was in the baby's best interests... [Read More]
NHS IVF no longer available in county that pioneered it
11 September 2017 - by Dr Mary Yarwood
Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Clinical Commissioning Group has removed funding for free IVF treatment, despite being the county where the procedure was first developed 40 years ago... [Read More]
Tennessee recognises lesbian woman as 'husband' in sperm donor baby dispute
15 May 2017 - by Dr Mary Yarwood
A judge in Knox County, Tennessee, has granted a divorced woman the same legal rights as a husband over a child conceived through donor insemination... [Read More]
Controversy over NHS funding of fertility treatment for transgender patients
15 August 2016 - by Dr Mary Yarwood
Transgender men are being permitted to freeze their eggs at NHS-funded fertility clinics, prior to gender re-assignment... [Read More]
Australian documentary accuses IVF clinics of peddling false hope
6 June 2016 - by Dr Mary Yarwood
An Australian documentary has claimed that women over 40 are being misled about their chances of conceiving via IVF treatment when using their own eggs... [Read More]
Woman in her 70s gives birth in India
16 May 2016 - by Dr Mary Yarwood
A woman believed to be 72 years old has given birth to a baby boy in India, following IVF treatment... [Read More]
Bedfordshire CCG considers removing all funding for IVF
18 April 2016 - by Dr Mary Yarwood
Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group is consulting the public on whether to remove all funding for IVF treatment, apart from for special medical exceptions... [Read More]
Surrogate carrying triplets brings lawsuit to prevent being sued for failing to abort
11 January 2016 - by Dr Mary Yarwood
A US woman acting as a surrogate has filed a lawsuit to prevent a claim in damages being brought by the commissioning father after he requested she undergo a selective reduction... [Read More]