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Martha Henriques

Genetics Editor

Martha Henriques is Genetics Editor at BioNews and at the charity that publishes it, the Progress Educational Trust (PET). Together with her fellow BioNews editors Shaoni Bhattacharya and Jennifer Willows, she runs the BioNews writing scheme, which provides practical science writing training and experience for PhD students.

Martha also works as a freelance science journalist, writing and podcasting for outlets including BBC Earth, Mosaic, Naked Scientists and Chemistry World. She has appeared as a TV guest on BBC World News and TRT World, and she was previously a staff science reporter at International Business Times. She tweets as @Martha_Rosamund

BioNews News articles written by Martha Henriques:
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Maria Bitner-Glindzicz obituary: Pioneer geneticist killed in London cycling incident
24 September 2018 - by Martha Henriques
Clinical and molecular geneticist at UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health, Professor Maria Bitner-Glindzicz, has died at the age of 55 after a traffic incident while cycling in central London... [Read More]
Dead son's sperm used to create grandson without consent
17 September 2018 - by Martha Henriques
An investigation has been launched looking into how an embryo was created from a deceased man's sperm without his consent.
CRISPR used to kill bacteria without antibiotics
10 September 2018 - by Martha Henriques
A new approach to kill bacteria has been developed using genome editing, bypassing the need for antibiotics... [Read More]
Big muscles come at the price of sperm quality
3 September 2018 - by Martha Henriques
Bulging biceps might make men more likely to appeal to the opposite sex, but extra muscle may take its toll on their sperm count... [Read More]
Vaping may damage DNA, raising risk of cancer
28 August 2018 - by Martha Henriques
Electronic cigarettes may alter the DNA in users' mouths, potentially increasing their risk of cancer if the damage is not repaired, a preliminary study has found... [Read More]
3D placenta organoids created to model pregnancy disorders
13 August 2018 - by Martha Henriques
The first three-dimensional miniature model of the human placenta has been created from stem cells... [Read More]
Moderate drinking linked to better sperm
23 July 2018 - by Martha Henriques
Drinking a moderate amount of alcohol, equivalent to two pints a week, has been linked to higher sperm quality than low alcohol consumption... [Read More]
Virus trained to attack ovarian cancer cells
29 May 2018 - by Martha Henriques
A virus has been reprogrammed to attack ovarian cancer cells in mice, effectively destroying tumours... [Read More]
Rare genetic disorder treated before birth for first time
30 April 2018 - by Martha Henriques
Three children have been cured of the worst symptoms of a genetic developmental condition with a 'remarkable' treatment in utero... [Read More]
Exercise benefits may be inherited through epigenetics
16 April 2018 - by Martha Henriques
Regular exercise of body and mind can benefit future offspring's brain function, a study in mice has found... [Read More]