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Maria Sheppard

Maria Sheppard was previously a Volunteer Writer at BioNews

BioNews Review articles written by Maria Sheppard:
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Video Review: Mitochondria Replacement - Some Facts
3 December 2012 - by Maria Sheppard
Mitochondrial replacement has been making the headlines this year, but understanding the science behind it is no small task. Cue a whiteboard, some marker pens and two informative narrators... [Read More]

BioNews News articles written by Maria Sheppard:
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US sperm and egg donors may be unconsenting contributors to stem cell science
25 February 2013 - by Maria Sheppard
Human embryonic stem cell lines approved for federal funding in the USA, may have been derived from sperm or eggs of unconsenting donors... [Read More]
24 genes linked to short-sightedness in genome study
18 February 2013 - by Maria Sheppard
Twenty-four genes linked to short-sightedness have been identified by an international consortium of scientists... [Read More]
Singapore proposes new laws on parentage of children born through ART
26 November 2012 - by Maria Sheppard
New laws to clarify the legal parentage and status of children born through assisted reproductive technologies have been proposed in Singapore.... [Read More]
Gene mutation melanoma drug recommended for NHS use
5 November 2012 - by Maria Sheppard
A drug which prolongs life in a form of skin cancer associated with a genetic mutation has been recommended for use on the NHS... [Read More]
Woman dies after rare complication following IVF
29 October 2012 - by Maria Sheppard
A man is suing Barts and the London NHS Trust after his wife died from a rare complication while undergoing IVF treatment, reports the Mirror.... [Read More]
'Sperm donor' father wins child custody battle in Australia
22 October 2012 - by Maria Sheppard
A man in Queensland, Australia, who acted as a known sperm donor for a woman in what appeared to be a private arrangement, has been awarded shared parental responsibility over a girl he fathered... [Read More]
Genes linked to cholesterol levels identified
15 October 2012 - by Maria Sheppard
Twenty-one genes linked with cholesterol and other fat levels in the blood have been identified by a consortium of over 180 researchers worldwide.... [Read More]