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Maria Greenslade

Maria Greenslade was previously a Volunteer Writer at BioNews.

BioNews News articles written by Maria Greenslade:
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Call to improve IVF patient care in UK
12 June 2006 - by Maria Greenslade
On the 10th June 2006, National Infertility Day, Dame Suzi Leather - Chair of the UK's Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) - spoke about the need for information on the cost of infertility treatment, improvement in customer care and called for access to fertility treatment to be improved... [Read More]
IVF patients' career concerns
12 June 2006 - by Maria Greenslade
A survey conducted by patient support group Infertility UK (IN UK) has shown that a third of people undergoing fertility treatment are unwilling to tell their employers, due to fears that it could harm their career. The survey, which was carried out on around 300 patients, has... [Read More]
Abortions carried out on fetuses with minor defects
5 June 2006 - by Maria Greenslade
The Reverend Joanna Jepson has expressed her outrage over new reports that fetuses with minor defects, such as clubbed feet, are being aborted. The Church of England curate has accused doctors of 'encouraging' women to have a termination where there are cosmetic defects which could be easily... [Read More]