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Marco Narajos

Marco Narajos was previously a Volunteer Writer at BioNews.

BioNews Review articles written by Marco Narajos:
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TV Review: The Olympic Journey - Born Winners
18 May 2015 - by Marco Narajos
'The Olympic Journey: Born Winners' sets out to answer the question 'Are winners born or made?' In the process, it offers a look into the science of what it takes to become a winner and addresses the consequences of genetic testing in the future of the sporting world... [Read More]
Course Review: Epigenetic Control of Gene Expression
30 September 2013 - by Marco Narajos
There is definitely great scope for expansion in genetics education through online courses, but these should be tailored towards the student's pace, however leisurely that might be... [Read More]
Book Review: Fertility and Reproduction
5 August 2013 - by Marco Narajos
Fertility and Reproduction is extremely up-to-date on current issues, discussing saviour sibling treatment, eugenics as well as mitochondrial replacement, all of which have been extremely topical in bioethics... [Read More]
Book Review: A Matter of Life - The Story of IVF, A Medical Breakthrough
15 April 2013 - by Marco Narajos
In the UK, around one in six couples has difficulty conceiving, and it is this desire to have children that drove two awe-inspiring men – Robert Edwards and Patrick Steptoe – to work together to perfect a technique known as IVF... [Read More]
Event Review: GENIE Public Engagement Lectures
22 October 2012 - by Marco Narajos
Bread and beer are not usually things that one would associate with diseases like cancer, dementia or Huntington's disease. This view was proved wrong by geneticists who gathered at the University of Leicester on 9 October 2012 for a series of lectures aimed at the non-scientist. It seems yeast can be inspiration for genetics research too.... [Read More]
Book Review: Embryology at a Glance
3 September 2012 - by Marco Narajos
Most of us, at one point in our lives, have wondered, 'where did I come from?'. The answer we receive differs from one perspective to another. Biologists would most likely recount the complex and intriguing journey of embryology... [Read More]
Website Review: Changing Futures
16 July 2012 - by Marco Narajos
Changing Futures is a website developed by young people as a project led by Nowgen. It contains free online resources, delving into cystic fibrosis (CF) and gene therapy, aimed at teenagers and teachers.... [Read More]