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Dr Lucy Freem

Dr Lucy Freem is a Volunteer Writer at BioNews, having originally joined the publication under the auspices of its writing scheme. She is also a researcher at the University of Edinburgh's Roslin Institute, where her research on chicken developmental biology is funded by the Wellcome Trust. She obtained her PhD at University College London's Institute of Child Health, where her research was supported by the Anatomical Society and focused on the embryological origin and development of intrinsic ganglia within the mammalian lung. Previously, she studied at the University of Cambridge.

BioNews Comment articles written by Dr Lucy Freem:
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Can women put motherhood on ice?
27 June 2016 - by Dr Lucy Freem
The Progress Educational Trust held its first-ever debate in Scotland – on the subject of egg freezing – which proved a lively topic of debate... [Read More]

BioNews Review articles written by Dr Lucy Freem:
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TV Review: Orphan Black
19 May 2014 - by Dr Lucy Freem
Orphan Black is a fast-paced, nail-biting thriller about human cloning that raises questions about control of personal genetic information, the harms of non-invasive research and the nature of family... [Read More]
Event Review: Bonking Baby Boomers and the Future of Sex
24 March 2014 - by Dr Lucy Freem
The annual Society for Reproduction and Fertility's 'Sex in 3 Cities' lecture series was given this year by John Aitken, Laureate professor of biological sciences at the University of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, with the title 'Bonking baby boomers and the future of sex'.... [Read More]
Theatre Review: A Number
24 September 2012 - by Dr Lucy Freem
A Number is about identity, ownership, the desire for a second chance and - here's the science hook - reproductive cloning. This tenth anniversary reading of Caryl Churchill's play was followed by a discussion panel... [Read More]

BioNews News articles written by Dr Lucy Freem:
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Autism stem cell trial reports improvement in symptoms
10 April 2017 - by Dr Lucy Freem
Children with autism spectrum disorder who received infusions of their own stem cells from banked umbilical cord blood as part of a clinical trial have no apparent lasting adverse effects after one year... [Read More]
FDA considering regulation of stem cell clinics
19 September 2016 - by Dr Lucy Freem
The US Food and Drug Administration has held a public hearing on proposals to regulate stem cell treatments in the same way as drugs... [Read More]
Mutation for rare form of multiple sclerosis could be 'genetic smoking gun'
6 June 2016 - by Dr Lucy Freem
A gene variant has been linked to early onset multiple sclerosis in a small number of cases, lending weight to the hypothesis that genetic factors underlie multiple sclerosis more widely... [Read More]
Blood test gives early warning of skin cancer relapse
14 March 2016 - by Dr Lucy Freem
Scientists have developed a blood test that captures tumour DNA from stray cancer cells circulating in the blood and allows them to monitor genetic changes in skin cancer... [Read More]
Twin study finds that cancer is 33 percent heritable
11 January 2016 - by Dr Lucy Freem
A study involving more than 200,000 Nordic twins has found that cancer is 33 percent heritable... [Read More]
Breakthrough in rare disease that causes growth of second skeleton
7 September 2015 - by Dr Lucy Freem
Scientists have developed a potential antibody treatment for the rare genetic disease fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP), in which muscle and soft tissue gradually turn to bone... [Read More]
Scientists produce sperm inside fish ovaries
15 June 2015 - by Dr Lucy Freem
Knocking out a single gene in adult female fish causes them to produce sperm inside their ovaries, study results show... [Read More]
Tumour mutations often misidentified
20 April 2015 - by Dr Lucy Freem
Genetic testing to guide the choice of cancer treatment may be misleading unless tumour DNA is compared to normal DNA... [Read More]
Biogen makes moves in gene therapy
2 February 2015 - by Dr Lucy Freem
Biogen Idec has made an investment deal to develop gene therapy treatments for haemophilia A and B.... [Read More]
High blood pressure and pre-eclampsia risk raised in egg-donation pregnancies
7 July 2014 - by Dr Lucy Freem
Using donated eggs in IVF increases the risk of complications, according to a study of 580 IVF patients in France.