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Luciana Strait

Luciana Strait was previously a Volunteer Writer at BioNews, having originally joined the publication under the auspices of its writing scheme. She is studying for a PhD at the Social, Genetic and Developmental Psychiatry Centre, a multidisciplinary partnership between the Medical Research Council and King's College London's Institute of Psychiatry. Her research focuses on biological sensitivity to context, in particular gene-environment interactions in antisocial behaviour and depression. Previously she studied Psychology at University College London.

BioNews Review articles written by Luciana Strait:
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Event Review: Designer Athletes: Fair Play or Foul?
26 March 2012 - by Luciana Strait
Consider a future world where pharmaceutical and genetic enhancements are the norm for sporting champions, where today's world records are smashed into oblivion... [Read More]
Film Review: In Vitro
4 November 2011 - by Luciana Strait
'You can run but you can't hide; not forever'. The opening sequence of 'In Vitro' speaks to anyone who has ever made a mistake or a bad decision. But what if your decision was responsible for changing the world we live in forever? Despite being an educational film, the stunning cinematography and thought-provoking content makes this a must-see for anyone... [Read More]

BioNews News articles written by Luciana Strait:
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Stress in early years could alter children's DNA
30 April 2012 - by Luciana Strait
Children who have been physically abused or bullied are more likely to have shorter telomeres. These structures, found at the ends of chromosomes, act like the plastic caps on shoelaces, and prevent DNA strands from unravelling... [Read More]
Breast cancer gene network expands as patent case starts in Australia
27 February 2012 - by Luciana Strait
A new genetic mutation linked to a greater risk of developing breast cancer has been shown to interact with the well-known breast cancer-causing gene BRCA1... [Read More]
Gene variant linked to common type of stroke
13 February 2012 - by Luciana Strait
A genetic variant has been linked to an increased risk of a common type of stroke. Researchers identified an alteration in a gene called HDAC9 that is more common in people who have had an ischaemic stroke than in those who have not. The study also replicated variants previously associated with subtypes of ischaemic strokes... [Read More]
Sperm counts drop out near laptops using WiFi
5 December 2011 - by Luciana Strait
Ejaculated sperm has been shown to be significantly damaged by prolonged exposure to a WiFi connected laptop. A study, published in the journal Fertility and Sterility, found that after four hours of exposure there was a significant decrease in sperm motility and an increase in sperm DNA fragmentation.... [Read More]
Human embryonic stem cells can treat Parkinson's in rats
14 November 2011 - by Luciana Strait
Human embryonic stem cells have been used to treat a model of Parkinson's disease, rats and monkeys, pointing to a possible new way of treating the condition.... [Read More]
Premier League club tests players' DNA
24 October 2011 - by Luciana Strait
An unnamed Premier League football club has had DNA tests carried out on its players to determine which of them may be susceptible to injury. The tests were carried out by leading molecular geneticist and assistant professor at Yale University School of Medicine Dr Marios Kambouris, who was told neither the name of the club nor the identities of the players... [Read More]
Gene mutation for liver disease corrected in human stem cells
17 October 2011 - by Luciana Strait
Genetics and stem cell research have been combined for the first time to correct a genetic mutation associated with liver disease. This new approach could lead to people with a genetic disease being treated with their own cells.... [Read More]
Gene for a 'heavy heart' found in rodents
10 October 2011 - by Luciana Strait
A new gene has been associated with thickening of the heart which increases chances of heart failure. Researchers at Imperial College London found that faults in the gene called endocuclease G or 'Endog' influences the thickness of the muscular heart wall, how effectively the heart pumps blood and how much fat accumulates in the heart.... [Read More]
Genetic variants linked to asthmatics' response to inhalers
3 October 2011 - by Luciana Strait
Inheriting two copies of a genetic variant has been associated with reduced response to steroid inhalers in people with asthma. The finding could explain why around 40 percent people with asthma do not benefit from inhaled steroids, the most commonly prescribed medication for the condition.... [Read More]
Danish bank says no to ginger sperm donors
26 September 2011 - by Luciana Strait
The world's largest sperm bank, Cryos International, is turning away red-haired men as donors due to a lack of demand for their sperm. Its director, Mr Ole Schou, said the bank has reached its capacity of 70 litres of semen due to a surge in donations in recent years... [Read More]