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Lubna Ahmed

Lubna Ahmed was previously a Volunteer Writer at BioNews, and is also studying Human Biology with Journalism at the University of Hertfordshire.

BioNews News articles written by Lubna Ahmed:
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Scientists release details of artificial sperm technique
21 September 2015 - by Lubna Ahmed
French researchers have described a technique to produce human sperm cells in the laboratory as they attempt to patent the method... [Read More]
Genetic findings confirm vitamin D–MS link
1 September 2015 - by Lubna Ahmed
A recent study by researchers in Canada has found that people who are genetically susceptible to low vitamin-D levels are at a higher risk of multiple sclerosis... [Read More]
Scientists use CRISPR to edit immune cell DNA
3 August 2015 - by Lubna Ahmed
Researchers have successfully used the technique CRISPR/Cas 9 to cut and paste genes into T-cells of the immune system... [Read More]
Artificial sperm 'grown in lab' for first time
18 May 2015 - by Lubna Ahmed
A French company claims to have grown human sperm cells in a laboratory for the first time.... [Read More]