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Louise Mallon

Louise Mallon was previously a Volunteer Writer at BioNews.

BioNews News articles written by Louise Mallon:
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Stem cells used to restore woman's shattered leg
4 October 2010 - by Louise Mallon
A pioneering technique that uses stem cells to rebuild damaged tissue and generate new bone growth has been used by surgeons to treat a woman's broken legs... [Read More]
'Octomum' doctor faces fresh accusations
19 July 2010 - by Louise Mallon
The fertility doctor who helped 'Octomum' Nayda Suleman conceive octuplets transferred seven embryos to another woman, according to the Medical Board of California... [Read More]
Scientists find gene linked to autoimmune diseases
21 June 2010 - by Louise Mallon
A recent study has shown a rare genetic mutation in a single gene is linked to several different autoimmune diseases, including Type 1 diabetes, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis... [Read More]
Human embryonic stem cells (ES cells) cultured, say scientists
7 June 2010 - by Louise Mallon
Researchers have developed a method of creating large amounts of human embryonic stem (ES) cells using a new technique, which could help to treat a variety of diseases, according to new research published in the journal Nature Biology.... [Read More]
ASRM releases report on Oversight of Assisted Reproductive Technology
1 June 2010 - by Louise Mallon
In response to claims that assisted reproductive technology (ART) suffers from a lack of oversight, the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) has said that: 'ART is already one of the most regulated medical procedures in the United States'.... [Read More]
Mislabeled and unaccounted for embryos prompt lawsuit against US fertility clinic
5 October 2009 - by Louise Mallon
A US fertility clinic faces legal action following the results of an independent audit which showed that some embryos stored there had been mislabelled and others were destroyed or unaccounted for. Ochsner Hospital, New Orleans, has admitted mishandling frozen embryos and that some embryos were wrongly destroyed, although deliberate mishandling has been denied. Other embryos are simply 'missing' and the hospital said that its fertility department cannot determine their whereabou... [Read More]
US company offers celebrity 'look-a-like' sperm
7 September 2009 - by Louise Mallon
A California-based fertility company is offering prospective parents a range of celebrity 'look-a-like' sperm donors. Cryobank, which is also planning to offer services in New York, allows customers to search through a database according to characteristics such as ethinicity and eye colour without revealing donors' photographs. In addition, the company has now added features that resemble celebrities such as David Beckham and David Blaine.... [Read More]