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Dr Loredana Guglielmi

Dr Loredana Guglielmi is a Volunteer Writer at BioNews. She has a PhD in Genetics and Cell Biology, with expertise in cancer biology, cancer stem cells and neural stem cells. She is currently a postdoctoral research fellow at the Queen Mary University of London’s Blizard Institute and Honorary Researcher at the University College London’s Institute of Neurology. Her research is mainly focused on the regulation of epigenetic mechanisms in brain tumours.
BioNews Review articles written by Dr Loredana Guglielmi:
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Radio Review: Diary of a surrogate – The Untold (BBC Radio 4)
17 June 2019 - by Dr Loredana Guglielmi
In 'Diary of a Surrogate', an episode of the Radio 4 programme The Untold, Linder Wilkinson speaks about what becoming a surrogate mother meant for her. She tells the story of why – after giving birth to her first surrogate child – she decided to embark again on the same journey for a gay couple, Nick and Karl... [Read More]
Book Review: Making Sense of Genes
26 March 2018 - by Dr Loredana Guglielmi
We live in the post-genomic era, whose start was marked by the completion of the sequencing of the human genome. But when the Human Genome Project came to an end in 2001, the scientific community faced an unexpected challenge: decoding the sequence of human DNA did not translate into understanding how it works... [Read More]

BioNews News articles written by Dr Loredana Guglielmi:
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Call for genetic testing for all women with breast cancer
7 October 2019 - by Dr Loredana Guglielmi
Multigene testing for all women diagnosed with breast cancer would save thousands of lives each year in the UK and USA, suggests new research... [Read More]
Exercise more beneficial for those with higher genetic risk of obesity
5 August 2019 - by Dr Loredana Guglielmi
A study led by the Taiwan University examining the interaction between individuals' genetics and 18 types of exercise found that different kinds of exercise could attenuate the genetic effects that contribute to obesity... [Read More]
Record numbers of parents preserving cord blood
20 May 2019 - by Dr Loredana Guglielmi
The number of new parents paying to bank their baby's umbilical cord blood for future use in stem cell therapies or transplantation in case of illness has increased by 59 percent in the space of four years in the UK... [Read More]
UK woman has first gene therapy operation for dry AMD
25 February 2019 - by Dr Loredana Guglielmi
An 80-year-old woman from Oxford – Janet Osborne – has undergone the world's first gene therapy operation to target the root cause of age-related macular degeneration... [Read More]
Ovarian cancer drug olaparib slows recurrence and cuts deaths
29 October 2018 - by Dr Loredana Guglielmi
A drug to treat ovarian cancer has shown promising results in a clinical trial, delaying signs of relapse and reducing chances of death. The drug olaparib, a PARP inhibitor, was used in patients with BRCA-mutated advanced ovarian cancer... [Read More]
A quarter of human genes have been entirely neglected by research
24 September 2018 - by Dr Loredana Guglielmi
Of the human genome's 20,000 or so genes, about 2000 have received almost all the attention of biomedical researchers... [Read More]
Elephants' 'zombie gene' may give cancer insights
20 August 2018 - by Dr Loredana Guglielmi
For their large body size, elephants should get cancer a lot more often than they do – now a new study has found out why... [Read More]
Traces of early-life trauma in men passed on in sperm
29 May 2018 - by Dr Loredana Guglielmi
Human sperm possess a 'memory' of early life trauma that can be transmitted to offspring through changes in microRNA levels, a new study has shown for the first time... [Read More]
Italy refuses to register baby born to lesbian couple
23 April 2018 - by Dr Loredana Guglielmi
A lesbian couple in Italy has been asked to declare that their baby was naturally conceived in order to register him at the public records office... [Read More]
'Treasure trove' of genes linked to breast cancer found
19 March 2018 - by Dr Loredana Guglielmi
A new study has identified 110 genes associated with an increased risk of breast cancer... [Read More]