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Lone Hørlyck

Lone Hørlyck is a Volunteer Writer at BioNews, having originally joined the publication under the auspices of its writing scheme. She is currently studying for a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience at University College London (UCL)'s Institute of Neurology and Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience. Her research is conducted in the Space and Memory Laboratory led by Professor Neil Burgess, and is funded by a Grand Challenge Studentship. This research focuses on how negative emotion affects the encoding of new memories in the brain, specifically a brain region called the hippocampus. Lone is also studying to be a psychologist at the University of Copenhagen. Previously she studied psychology, neuroscience and molecular medicine at Aarhus University and at the University of Nottingham, and went on to obtain an MSc in Clinical Neuroscience from UCL.

BioNews Review articles written by Lone Hørlyck:
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Podcast Review: Franklin Centenary Podcast
14 September 2020 - by Lone Hørlyck
When I was asked to review a podcast about Dr Rosalind Franklin for BioNews, the name was definitely familiar but I needed to google her name to remind myself that she was a researcher and chemist, most known for her work towards the discovery of the structures of DNA, RNA and viruses... [Read More]
Event Review: Timeless pop-up shop
14 March 2016 - by Lone Hørlyck
At a first glance, Timeless looked like a perfumery or a beauty clinic, the walls covered with carefully placed bottles and boxes in pastel colours. But nothing in the shop was actually for sale. Rather, this was a pop-up egg-freezing 'shop'... [Read More]
TV Review: Jodie Marsh is Making Babies
7 December 2015 - by Lone Hørlyck
This documentary shows that assisted reproduction is a huge and real business. Unfortunately, it does so without asking the necessary critical and ethical questions that would make it genuinely worth watching... [Read More]

BioNews News articles written by Lone Hørlyck:
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New Jersey may be first US state to require licensing for embryo storage
2 December 2019 - by Lone Hørlyck
New Jersey looks set to become the first US state to require licensing and inspection of facilities that store embryos being used for fertility treatment... [Read More]
Experts caution on implications of 'lost embryos' lawsuit
26 November 2018 - by Lone Hørlyck
Experts have strongly criticised a claim that embryos lost during a storage tank failure at a fertility clinic were 'people'... [Read More]
Spontaneous DNA errors may lead to dementia
22 October 2018 - by Lone Hørlyck
Many cases of dementia could be caused by non-inherited, spontaneous DNA mutations early in prenatal life, a new study suggests... [Read More]
Illinois rules insurers must cover gamete freezing for cancer patients
3 September 2018 - by Lone Hørlyck
Illinois has become the latest US state to insist medical insurers fund fertility preservation treatments for cancer patients... [Read More]
Crowdfunding 'misleads' on stem cell treatments
21 May 2018 - by Lone Hørlyck
Crowdfunding campaigns to raise money for stem cell treatments tend to exaggerate potential benefits while understating potential risks of the interventions, suggests a new study... [Read More]
Upgraded CRISPR edits thousands of genes at once
16 April 2018 - by Lone Hørlyck
An upgraded version of the CRISPR approach to genome editing has been used for the first time to edit multiple genes at once and assess the effects of editing... [Read More]
Malfunction at clinic may compromise frozen eggs and embryos
12 March 2018 - by Lone Hørlyck
A temperature fluctuation in a storage bank has compromised at least 2100 frozen eggs and embryos in a fertility clinic in Cleveland Ohio... [Read More]
Gene may accelerate memory loss in Alzheimer's disease
8 May 2017 - by Lone Hørlyck
A gene mutation may speed up memory loss and general cognitive decline in people who are at risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease... [Read More]
Red-hair gene link to Parkinson's
13 March 2017 - by Lone Hørlyck
A gene variant resulting in red hair and fair skin, already known to increase the risk of melanoma, may also predispose carriers to the development of Parkinson's disease, a recent study conducted in mice has found... [Read More]
First pregnant man in UK through sperm donation
16 January 2017 - by Lone Hørlyck
A 20-year-old man, who was originally born female, is the first in the UK to become pregnant through sperm donation after the NHS refused to pay for egg freezing... [Read More]