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Letitia Hughes

Letitia Hughes was previously a Volunteer Writer at BioNews.

BioNews News articles written by Letitia Hughes:
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More evidence for passive smoking gene link
14 August 2006 - by Letitia Hughes
Researchers believe they have discovered why chronic exposure to passive smoking can cause some young people to go on to develop serious chest problems like asthma, while others are not as badly affected. They have warned that children who inherit a common gene defect face a heightened... [Read More]
Different genes may trigger autism in boys and girls
7 August 2006 - by Letitia Hughes
Researchers at the University of Washington, US, have found that different genes may be responsible for causing autism in boys than girls. Reporting in the Journal of Molecular Genetics last week, they have found evidence for two genetic subtypes of autism; both male versus female and also... [Read More]
Older fathers link to increased miscarriage risk
4 August 2006 - by Letitia Hughes
New research from US scientists, based at the Columbia University School of Public Health and the New York Psychiatric Institute, suggests that woman who become pregnant by older men are at greater risk of miscarriage. Results indicate that as the male partner ages there is a steady... [Read More]
UK couple to move frozen embryos abroad
4 August 2006 - by Letitia Hughes
A UK couple from Greater Manchester, fighting to prevent their frozen embryos from being destroyed, have been given extra time to try find a clinic abroad to store them. Michelle Hickman, 33, and her husband, Martin Hymers, 34, underwent IVF to freeze six embryos after Ms Hickman's... [Read More]
More UK sperm donors urgently needed
31 July 2006 - by Letitia Hughes
By Letitia Hughes: Thousands of women seeking fertility treatment face remaining childless because of an acute shortage of sperm donors in Britain, according to a report published yesterday in the Independent. In Scotland, there is now only one active sperm donor, while only one man donates sperm to the whole... [Read More]
Warning over DIY genetic tests
31 July 2006 - by Letitia Hughes
Consumers should be wary of home DNA testing kits that claim to test whether the customer carries genes for certain diseases, according to an investigation by the US Government Accountability Office (GAO). The Senate Special Committee on aging, requested the year long investigation as part of the... [Read More]