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Khadija Ibrahim

Khadija Ibrahim was formerly Director of the charity that publishes BioNews, the Progress Educational Trust (PET) (a post now held by Sarah Norcross).

BioNews Comment articles written by Khadija Ibrahim:
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Issues in infertility: finding out what the public think
12 November 2006 - by Khadija Ibrahim
Issues surrounding infertility and reproductive medicine are rarely out of the news - delaying motherhood, egg and sperm donation, embryo testing and access to fertility treatment, to name just a few. But the published opinions triggered by this extensive media coverage have tended to be those of a select few doctors... [Read More]

BioNews News articles written by Khadija Ibrahim:
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New tests for panic attacks and addiction?
13 March 2007 - by Khadija Ibrahim
According to researchers from the University of Iowa, blood tests could be developed to detect an individual's predisposition to suffer panic attacks or become addicted to substances such as nicotine or cannabis. The research, published in the American Journal of Medical Genetics, draws its conclusions from the... [Read More]
HGC backs hybrid embryo research
19 February 2007 - by Khadija Ibrahim
The Human Genetics Commission (HGC) has given its backing to the creation of animal-human hybrid and chimera embryos for research purposes. The Government advisory body made the announcement at their most recent plenary meeting, in response to the current debate about whether research that involves the mixing... [Read More]
Sir Richard Branson launches Virgin stem cell bank
5 February 2007 - by Khadija Ibrahim
Sir Richard Branson has launched a new company under his Virgin brand which will offer umbilical cord blood banking facilities to parents of newborn babies. Cord blood transfusions are already used for the treatment of blood related disorders but some believe that umbilical cord blood, which is... [Read More]
Norway could lift ban on embryonic stem cell research
28 January 2007 - by Khadija Ibrahim
A proposal to lift the existing ban on using human embryonic stem cells for research is currently under way in Norway. The government's proposed bill would allow the use of embryos left over from fertility treatments for research purposes, subject to the consent of donors and the... [Read More]