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Jessica Ware

Jessica Ware was previously a Volunteer Writer at BioNews and is a news reporter by trade, writing for publications including the Independent and the foreign desk of The Times. As a languages buff, she tends to write about stories from Europe and human interest stories. She has worked in Berlin for an English language news service and for the BBC, and she has an MA in Newspaper Journalism from City University London.

BioNews Review articles written by Jessica Ware:
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Radio Review: A donation for life
12 August 2013 - by Jessica Ware
After a German court ruled that a 22-year-old woman conceived via sperm donation could know the identity of her biological father, radio station 1Live caught up with her and took a look into the world of assisted conception in Germany... [Read More]

BioNews News articles written by Jessica Ware:
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German grandmother, 65, pregnant with quadruplets
20 April 2015 - by Jessica Ware
A 65-year-old German woman is set to become the world's oldest mother of quadruplets... [Read More]
Poland poised to legislate for IVF
16 March 2015 - by Jessica Ware
Poland's government has drafted legislation to regulate IVF in the country. If it becomes law, Poland will become one of the last countries in the European Union to legislate for assisted conception... [Read More]
Only the lonely: study identifies gene for 'romantic relationship failure'
24 November 2014 - by Jessica Ware
A single gene variant could have a role in determining whether young people stay in romantic relationships, research suggests... [Read More]
'Angelina Jolie effect' sees breast cancer gene tests double
22 September 2014 - by Jessica Ware
The number of women in the UK being referred to breast cancer clinics doubled shortly after actress Angelina Jolie revealed she had a risk-reducing double mastectomy, a study has found.... [Read More]
Man accused of fathering 12 surrogate babies in Thailand
26 August 2014 - by Jessica Ware
A Japanese businessman may have fathered up to 15 children using Thai surrogates, 12 of whom remain in Thailand.... [Read More]
French judge blocks lesbian couple's adoption of baby conceived via IVF
12 May 2014 - by Jessica Ware
A French court has ruled that a woman may not adopt a child her partner conceived using fertility treatment abroad. The decision has sparked outrage from equal rights activists... [Read More]
Fertility declines after 35, researchers remind women
16 September 2013 - by Jessica Ware
A leading reproductive biologist has warned against delaying motherhood beyond 35 years old, highlighting the risks of age related infertility.... [Read More]
First IVF provider to be floated on stock market sees early share price boost
17 June 2013 - by Jessica Ware
The first IVF business to be listed on the stock market enjoyed a buoyant first day of trading on the Australian exchange. Shares in Virtus Health closed 8.5 percent above their starting price, which was already set at the top end of an indicative range... [Read More]
Polish justice minister fired over comments on IVF and embryo experimentation
7 May 2013 - by Jessica Ware
Poland's justice minister has been dismissed from his position after weeks of conflict with the country's prime minister over state-funded IVF and civil partnership... [Read More]
German court case may put an end to a sperm donor's anonymity
11 February 2013 - by Jessica Ware
A regional appeals court in Hamm, Germany has ruled that a 22-year-old woman conceived via an anonymous sperm donor has a legal right to find out the identity of her biological father... [Read More]