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Jessica Richardson

Jessica Richardson was formerly a Volunteer Writer at BioNews, having originally joined the publication under the auspices of its writing scheme. She is currently studying for a PhD at the Wellcome Trust's Centre for Mitochondrial Research at Newcastle University, where her research concerns techniques to avoid the transmission of mitochondrial disease from mother to child. Previously, she studied Biomedical Sciences and went on to obtain an MRes in Mitochondrial Biology and Medicine.

BioNews Review articles written by Jessica Richardson:
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TV Review: Unreported World – Mexico's Baby Business
30 November 2015 - by Jessica Richardson
A Channel 4 documentary about the surrogacy business in Mexico exposes some alarming practices... [Read More]

BioNews News articles written by Jessica Richardson:
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Role of 'pain-free' gene explained
14 December 2015 - by Jessica Richardson
Scientists have discovered why people with a rare genetic mutation are unable to feel pain – a finding that could lead to treatments for chronic pain conditions... [Read More]
Epigenetic changes in sperm linked to obesity in offspring
7 December 2015 - by Jessica Richardson
Danish researchers have identified that weight gain and loss can result in different epigenetic markers in sperm, suggesting a possible explanation for why children of obese fathers are more prone to obesity themselves... [Read More]
Scientists discover sperm can 'slither'
16 November 2015 - by Jessica Richardson
Researchers have discovered that human sperm have a two-dimensional 'slither' swimming mode, which enables them to swim faster when close to surfaces... [Read More]
Human stem cells 'printed' in 3D
9 November 2015 - by Jessica Richardson
Scientists have reported on a method that allows successful 3D bioprinting of adult stem cells... [Read More]
Man fails paternity test due to passing on unborn twin's DNA
2 November 2015 - by Jessica Richardson
A man discovered he was not the genetic father of his child, due to a rare form of chimerism that means some of his cells carry a genome belonging to an unborn twin who died in the womb... [Read More]
Mitochondrial DNA test improves IVF success rates
26 October 2015 - by Jessica Richardson
A test which measures mitochondrial DNA levels in the embryo could help increase IVF success rates, scientists claim... [Read More]
CRISPR could make animal-to-human organ transplant safer
19 October 2015 - by Jessica Richardson
Researchers say that the gene-editing technique CRISPR/Cas9 could be used to increase the safety of organ transplantation from pig to human... [Read More]