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Jen Willows

Legal Editor/Projects Officer

Jen Willows is Legal Editor at BioNews and Projects Officer at the charity that publishes it, the Progress Educational Trust (PET). Together with her fellow BioNews editors Dr Joanne Delange and Hannah Flynn, she runs the BioNews writing scheme, which provides practical science writing training and experience for PhD students.

Jen originally studied Biology and Microbiology at Imperial College London, and went on to obtain an LLB in Law from Birkbeck University of London and an MA in Medical Ethics and Law from King's College London. She then started working at PET as a Volunteer, and refused to leave. She loves tea and dogs, and she tweets as @jenwillows

BioNews Comment articles written by Jen Willows:
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Germline in the sand: where should we draw the boundaries for genome editing?
15 April 2019 - by Jen Willows
Genome editing was the subject up for discussion at the Progress Educational Trust's 'Germline in the Sand' event, held at the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh on 19 March 2019. The discussion, which was supported by the Scottish Government sought to explore the scientific and ethical boundaries of genome editing, and what place this technology should have within our society... [Read More]
Modern surrogacy needs a modern law: How should we regulate surrogacy in the 21st century?
1 October 2018 - by Jen Willows
At the Royal Society of Edinburgh, on 27 September 2018, the Progress Educational Trust (PET) held its public event 'Modern Surrogacy Needs a Modern Law: How Should We Regulate Surrogacy in the 21st Century?'... [Read More]
Putting your genome to work: for the NHS, for industry, for the UK post-Brexit
9 April 2018 - by Jen Willows
The Progress Educational Trust event 'Putting Your Genome to Work: For the NHS, for Industry, for the UK Post-Brexit' took place at Amnesty International in London on 21 March 2018... [Read More]

BioNews Review articles written by Jen Willows:
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Theatre Review: Of Kith and Kin, Bush Theatre
4 December 2017 - by Jen Willows
Of Kith and Kin is a play about surrogacy that seems to have very little to say about surrogacy... [Read More]
Theatre Review: Bodies, Royal Court Theatre
29 August 2017 - by Jen Willows
At the opening of the play, couple Clem and Josh have decided to pursue surrogacy after suffering multiple miscarriages. We find out that the egg will come from a Russian donor, be fertilised with Josh's sperm, and then implanted in an Indian surrogate... [Read More]
Event Review: 'Genome editing: an ethical review' launch
31 October 2016 - by Jen Willows
The Nuffield Council on Bioethics presented its preliminary report 'Genome editing: an ethical review' in the genteel surroundings of the Royal Geographical Society in South Kensington... [Read More]

BioNews News articles written by Jen Willows:
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Julia Chain announced as new HFEA chair
15 March 2021 - by Jen Willows
Julia Chain has been appointed as the new chair of the UK's fertility regulator, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority... [Read More]
COVID-19 may harm male reproductive function
1 February 2021 - by Jen Willows
A new research paper warns that COVID-19 can affect men's sperm, but it may not be that simple…
Heat stress damages DNA in sperm
2 November 2020 - by Jen Willows
Even a small increase in temperature¬†during sperm production can amplify DNA damage, new research suggests... [Read More]
Scottish widow may use late husband's sperm for IVF
28 September 2020 - by Jen Willows
A Scottish court has ruled in favour of a woman who wants to use her deceased husband's sperm for IVF... [Read More]
Genome editing in mitochondria finally possible
13 July 2020 - by Jen Willows
US scientists have developed a method of making precise edits to mitochondrial DNA within living cells... [Read More]
UK woman wins claim for NHS to pay US surrogacy costs
6 April 2020 - by Jen Willows
A UK woman has won her case in the UK Supreme Court against an NHS hospital for the cost of surrogacy in California... [Read More]
Daughter loses Huntington's confidentiality case
2 March 2020 - by Jen Willows
A UK woman who sued her father's doctors because they did not inform her of her risk of Huntington's disease has lost her case... [Read More]
Development of guidelines for research on stem-cell based embryo models
27 January 2020 - by Jen Willows
New international guidelines are being developed to establish ethical parameters for scientists working with human stem-cell based embryo models... [Read More]
Professors Sally Davies and Lesley Regan recognised in New Year's Honours
6 January 2020 - by Jen Willows
Leading figures in science and healthcare have been recognised in the UK's New Year's Honours list 2020... [Read More]
Health reports from direct-to-consumer genetic tests 'woefully incomplete'
21 October 2019 - by Jen Willows
Direct-to-consumer genetic tests should not be used as a basis for medical decision making, according to two separate studies released last week... [Read More]