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Dr James Heather

Dr James Heather is a Volunteer Writer at BioNews, having originally joined the publication under the auspices of its writing scheme. As an early career post-doctoral researcher in the Innate2Adaptive research group at University College London's Division of Infection and Immunity. His research focused on the effects of viral and bacterial infection on the human T cell repertoire and transcriptome, in order to better understand the pathogenesis and immunology of a number of clinically important diseases. He is currently working on the immune response to cancer, at Massachusetts General Hospital. He writes about T cells and next generation DNA sequencing on his jamimmunology blog, and he tweets as @jamimmunology

BioNews Comment articles written by Dr James Heather:
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Obesity findings set precedent for GWAS research
7 September 2015 - by Dr James Heather
Recent findings linking the FTO gene to adipose cell energy use not only revealed a molecular mechanism that contributes to obesity, but they are also an exemplar of how genome-wide association study findings can make the journey to clinical relevance... [Read More]
Risk Assessment: Breast Cancer, Prediction and Screening
12 May 2014 - by Dr James Heather
Doctors, survivors and supporters again converged in a basement lecture theatre in Bloomsbury for the second event in PET's 'Breast Cancer' series. On the cards this night: prediction and screening... [Read More]

BioNews Review articles written by Dr James Heather:
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Podcast Review: Stuff You Should Know - How Personalised Medicine Works
15 February 2016 - by Dr James Heather
The prolific and popular 'Stuff You Should Know' podcast takes us down the pub to talk personalised medicine... [Read More]
Event Review: Genetics and the Prospect of Personalised Medicine for Obesity
10 March 2014 - by Dr James Heather
The media likes to push the idea that the obesity epidemic is fuelled entirely by our increasingly well-fed and sedentary lives, which makes the opportunity to hear solid evidence for the other side of the equation refreshing... [Read More]
Event Review: Darwin Lecture on Science and Medicine
11 November 2013 - by Dr James Heather
The chance to watch a lecture from a Nobel laureate is always exciting. Throw in a couple of scientific societies that clock up over 400 years of history between them, and you can practically feel the prestige dripping from the ceiling... [Read More]
Event review: Genetic Testing in Assisted Reproduction - Selecting, Not Perfecting?
14 October 2013 - by Dr James Heather
We had almost made it through the speakers when it happened, just before the break. It was the last speaker who did it. It was Dr Joyce Harper who said what I'd been waiting for, and dropped the Gattaca bomb... [Read More]
Radio Review: The Life Scientific - Dr Ewan Birney
24 June 2013 - by Dr James Heather
Big data, open science, and DNA a-go-go; last week's broadcast of The Life Scientific looked to have it all... [Read More]

BioNews News articles written by Dr James Heather:
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Scientists oppose proposal to close UK mouse-research centre
1 July 2019 - by Dr James Heather
More than 150 researchers have backed a letter written by senior scientists protesting the move to close one of the UK’s leading mouse-genetics centres at the Harwell Institute in Oxfordshire... [Read More]
Genome editing works in mitochondrial DNA for first time
1 October 2018 - by Dr James Heather
Two research groups have, for the first time, used genome editing to successfully treat mitochondrial disease in animals... [Read More]
New class of drug puts cancer cells to sleep
6 August 2018 - by Dr James Heather
Australian researchers have developed a new kind of anti-cancer drug, which halted cancer cells in their tracks in mice... [Read More]
Data breach sparks DNA test privacy concerns
11 June 2018 - by Dr James Heather
Genealogy service MyHeritage has revealed that some of their user account data has been hacked... [Read More]
DNA test may benefit women with hard-to-treat breast cancer
8 May 2018 - by Dr James Heather
Genetic testing could reveal a subset of patients with aggressive breast cancer who would benefit from a non-standard treatment, a clinical trial has found... [Read More]
Synthetic DNA used to make proteins in living cells
4 December 2017 - by Dr James Heather
Two extra letters have been added to the genetic code in bacteria, bringing the number of 'letters' up to six... [Read More]
New approach to tackle breast cancer
24 April 2017 - by Dr James Heather
Researchers have discovered a new approach to slow the rate of breast cancer tumour growth in mice... [Read More]
Stable bacteria created using synthetic DNA
30 January 2017 - by Dr James Heather
Scientists have developed bacteria which can live and grow with DNA containing extra 'letters'... [Read More]
Twelve gene regions linked to human reproductive behaviour
7 November 2016 - by Dr James Heather
Twelve locations in the human genome have been linked with differences in reproductive behaviour... [Read More]
BRCA database now holds data on 6200 variants
6 June 2016 - by Dr James Heather
After one year of existence, the BRCA Share database has released details on its progress in collating information on variants of the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes... [Read More]