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Jakki Magowan

Jakki Magowan is a Volunteer Writer at BioNews, having originally joined the publication under the auspices of its writing scheme. She is also a Copywriter and Content Specialist at CooperSurgical Fertility and Genomics Solutions, based in Cornwall, where she works daily with embryologists, medical affairs and regulatory teams across the globe to produce content for the company's online and print publications. She graduated from the British College of Journalism as a freelance writer specialising in women's health and wellbeing, and she has a Professional Writing Master's Degree from Falmouth University, where she specialised in fiction and non-fiction. Previously, she studied digital marketing with Google's Squared Online. She is a Chartered Marketer accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

BioNews Review articles written by Jakki Magowan:
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Podcast Review: Global infertility - Could The Handmaid's Tale become reality?
9 September 2019 - by Jakki Magowan
The BBC's World Service weekly podcast series, CrowdScience, invites listeners to pose questions about life, Earth and the universe. To find answers, they interview experts at the frontiers of knowledge... [Read More]
Podcast Review: Beyond Today – Should egg freezing be free?
15 April 2019 - by Jakki Magowan
Beyond Today is a BBC Radio 4 podcast series that aims to engage young people in current news topics. Harriet Noble, one of the show's producers, tackles fertility in this 22-minute programme after pondering whether she should pay to freeze her eggs... [Read More]

BioNews News articles written by Jakki Magowan:
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One in six women conceive naturally after unsuccessful IVF
29 July 2019 - by Jakki Magowan
The chances of having a treatment-independent live birth following IVF or ICSI are favourable, say researchers at the University of Aberdeen... [Read More]
Record numbers of single women seeking fertility treatments
13 May 2019 - by Jakki Magowan
Women without male partners are increasingly seeking fertility treatment according to a new report by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority... [Read More]
Gene behind major cause of women's infertility found
7 May 2019 - by Jakki Magowan
A gene that plays a key role in causing polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) has been discovered, and could lead to better disease prediction and treatment... [Read More]
Man caught smuggling human embryo into India
25 March 2019 - by Jakki Magowan
A man travelling from Malaysia has been caught at Mumbai airport attempting to smuggle a live human embryo in his suitcase to a fertility clinic in India... [Read More]
Call for temporary ban on heritable genome editing in humans
18 March 2019 - by Jakki Magowan
A group of international experts is calling for a moratorium on the clinical use of germline genome editing in humans... [Read More]
Dogs offer clue to human sperm decline
11 March 2019 - by Jakki Magowan
Chemicals in household carpets and flooring, clothing and upholstery, are damaging sperm quality in men and domestic dogs... [Read More]
Shape of female reproductive tract weeds out weak sperm
18 February 2019 - by Jakki Magowan
Slower sperm are beaten by stronger and faster sperm when competing to fertilise an egg due to restrictive bottlenecks in the female reproductive tract... [Read More]
IVF linked to pregnancy complication risk in women
11 February 2019 - by Jakki Magowan
Women who have fertility treatments have a slightly higher risk of severe complications during pregnancy and delivery than those not undergoing treatment... [Read More]