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Hugo Wolfe

Hugo Wolfe was previously a Volunteer Writer at BioNews, having originally joined the publication under the auspices of its writing scheme. He is currently studying for an LLM in Medical Law at Queen Mary University of London. He originally studied Law at the University of Sussex, where he became interested in genetics and medical regulation.

BioNews Review articles written by Hugo Wolfe:
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BBC Sounds: Carrying my friend's baby - Podcast Review
25 March 2019 - by Hugo Wolfe
We are thrown into the waiting room with Emma and Jane who are attending an IVF consultation for a gestational surrogacy arrangement. The childhood friends are laughing and reminiscing about how it all came about... [Read More]

BioNews News articles written by Hugo Wolfe:
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Italian IVF clinic violated woman's human rights by forcing pregnancy
1 April 2019 - by Hugo Wolfe
Italy violated a woman's right to health after the country's fertility laws led to a forced pregnancy, the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights reported on Wednesday... [Read More]
US hospital sued for keeping embryo without mother's knowledge
25 March 2019 - by Hugo Wolfe
A Massachusetts woman is suing a hospital for storing her embryos for years without telling her... [Read More]
China drafts new regulations on 'high risk' biomedical technologies
4 March 2019 - by Hugo Wolfe
The Chinese government has announced new regulations on genomic technologies in response to a Chinese scientist's claim to have created genome edited babies... [Read More]
Shark DNA may hold clues to human cancer treatment
25 February 2019 - by Hugo Wolfe
Scientists who have decoded the great white shark genome for the first time may have uncovered clues which could help develop human cancer treatments... [Read More]
Judge calls for law review after trans man gives birth
18 February 2019 - by Hugo Wolfe
England's most senior family judge has invited the Health Secretary to review fertility laws after hearing the case of a trans man unable to be recognised as father on his child’s birth certificate... [Read More]
South Norfolk bucks national trend to increase funding for IVF
11 February 2019 - by Hugo Wolfe
South Norfolk Clinical Commissioning Group has decided to increase IVF funding for eligible couples to receive two cycles of treatment rather than none... [Read More]