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Holly Rogers

Holly Rogers was previously a Volunteer Writer at BioNews, and is Communications Officer at the Academy of Medical Sciences. She is also Head of Events at Science Brainwaves (part of the British Science Association), which she cofounded alongside Dr Rebecca Hill. She originally studied Chemistry at the University of Sheffield, where she went on to acquire a MSc in Science Communication. She tweets as @cassiopeia789

BioNews Review articles written by Holly Rogers:
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Book Review: An Introduction to the Genetics and Epigenetics of Human Disease
17 June 2013 - by Holly Rogers
A beginner's tour guide through genetics and epigenetics, this booklet covers much of the fundamental biology behind genetic illness and gives a broad overview of some of the biggest challenges currently faced by researchers in the field. It does not assume any previous knowledge, and gives clear, concise summaries of key historical figures and theories, including a very useful glossary at the back.... [Read More]

BioNews News articles written by Holly Rogers:
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Induced pluripotent stem cells made without gene manipulation
22 July 2013 - by Holly Rogers
For the first time, scientists have created induced pluripotent stem cells from adult tissue without adding extra genes... [Read More]
Amgen buys personal genomics pioneers deCODE for $415 million
17 December 2012 - by Holly Rogers
The US biotechnology company Amgen will buy deCODE Genetics, which provides products and services for genome analysis, for $415 million... [Read More]
Couples exposed to common chemicals take longer to conceive
19 November 2012 - by Holly Rogers
A preliminary study from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), USA, suggests that environmental pollutants including industrial chemicals and pesticides may be impairing human fertility, despite being banned more than thirty years ago.... [Read More]
Gene therapy in mice restores sense of smell
10 September 2012 - by Holly Rogers
Scientists have restored the sense of smell in mice using a gene therapy designed to repair the cilia - hair-like formations on nasal cells that are important in olfaction... [Read More]
Genome researchers track and stop spread of killer bug
28 August 2012 - by Holly Rogers
An outbreak of a drug-resistant bacterial bug, which killed six people and infected 11 more, was stopped partially thanks to genome sequencing, a paper in Science Translational Medicine reports... [Read More]
Why the drugs don't work: gene fault explains multiple sclerosis treatment failure
23 July 2012 - by Holly Rogers
A genetic variation could explain why a previously promising class of drugs do not work as multiple sclerosis treatments despite being used successfully in other autoimmune diseases... [Read More]
Huntington's disease gene-silencing drug effective in animal studies
25 June 2012 - by Holly Rogers
A single dose of an 'antisense' drug has been shown to slow, or even partially reverse, Huntington's disease in animal studies, according to a study published in Neuron.... [Read More]
Umbilical cord donor centre to open at Birmingham Women's Hospital
6 June 2012 - by Holly Rogers
Stem cells will be harvested and stored at an umbilical cord donor centre at the Birmingham Women's Hospital, UK, according to a BBC report... [Read More]