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Helen Robertson

Helen Robertson is a Volunteer Writer at BioNews, having originally joined the publication under the auspices of its writing scheme. She is currently studying for a PhD in Evolutionary and Developmental Biology at University College London (UCL). Her research, conducted in the laboratory of Professor Max Telford, focuses on the evolutionary history and genetics of a group of enigmatic marine worms - the Xenacoelomorpha. Previously, she obtained an MSci in Biological Sciences from UCL. She is a keen long-distance runner, and is currently training for the London Marathon.

BioNews Review articles written by Helen Robertson:
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Event Review: My Cancer, My DNA - can genomics change the way we treat cancer?
21 March 2016 - by Helen Robertson
'Personalised medicine' is a term that's being increasingly used to describe the future of cancer treatment. But are we ready for the genomics revolution that comes with it?... [Read More]

BioNews News articles written by Helen Robertson:
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Tea or coffee preference may be down to your genes
19 November 2018 - by Helen Robertson
Your preference for tea or coffee could be down to a genetic predisposition to perceiving bitterness, a new study has found... [Read More]
Sperm shortages force Tokyo hospital to end donor insemination
1 October 2018 - by Helen Robertson
A shortage of sperm donors has forced a Japanese hospital to stop offering couples a certain type of fertility treatment... [Read More]
Risks of common diseases predicted from UK BioBank data
20 August 2018 - by Helen Robertson
Researchers have developed a new way of analysing genomic data that may help identify disease risk much earlier than current predictors... [Read More]
Woman with two wombs has twins in 1-in-500m event
6 August 2018 - by Helen Robertson
A woman with two wombs has given birth to twins in an event described as a one in 500 million pregnancy... [Read More]
Australian woman wins right to use dead partner's sperm
25 June 2018 - by Helen Robertson
A Queensland woman has won the right to use her dead boyfriend's sperm to have a baby... [Read More]
Baby born through surrogacy removed from UK's oldest parents
8 May 2018 - by Helen Robertson
Britain's oldest new parents have had their one-year-old child, born through surrogacy, taken into care by Social Services... [Read More]
Stress in mice alters sperm and affects offspring brain development
26 February 2018 - by Helen Robertson
A father's stress levels can affect the brain development of his offspring, new research has found... [Read More]
Real-time film shows CRISPR in action
20 November 2017 - by Helen Robertson
For the first time ever, researchers have been able to film, in real-time, the activity of the CRISPR technique on a strand of DNA... [Read More]
Transferring just one embryo doubles IVF success
6 November 2017 - by Helen Robertson
Using just one embryo during IVF results in a much higher chance of a healthy pregnancy and birth, according to a study presented at the annual meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine... [Read More]
Most versatile stem cells yet created
16 October 2017 - by Helen Robertson
Scientists have created the most versatile stem cells to date, which could boost research into the reasons behind failed early pregnancies... [Read More]