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Dr Helen Robertson

Dr Helen Robertson is a Volunteer Writer at BioNews, having originally joined the publication under the auspices of its writing scheme. She obtained a PhD in Evolutionary and Developmental Biology from University College London focusing on the evolution of Xenacoelomorpha marine worms. Following her PhD she worked at the Insitut Pasteur, Paris, and the University of Chicago, where she focused on the evolution of gene regulationand cell types. She now works as the community manager for preLights, the preprint highlighting community supported by the Company of Biologists. Outside of work she writes and research and science in society and is a keen runner.

BioNews Comment articles written by Dr Helen Robertson:
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What's in the Pipeline for Male Infertility?
21 June 2021 - by Dr Helen Robertson
A historic lack of investment in targeted treatments means that male infertility hasn't received the airtime that's needed to raise awareness, open up the conversation, or provide therapeutic options that focus on the cause... [Read More]

BioNews Review articles written by Dr Helen Robertson:
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Book Review: (M)otherhood – On the choices of being a woman
23 August 2021 - by Dr Helen Robertson
(M)otherhood is a frank, moving account of what it means to be a woman in a society that remains conflicted by fertility and female identity... [Read More]
Book Review: CRISPR People – The science and ethics of editing humans
1 June 2021 - by Dr Helen Robertson
In November 2018, the Chinese scientist Dr He Jiankui announced to attendees of the second International Summit on Human Genome Editing that he had used the CRISPR genome editing approach to modify the DNA of embryos before implanting them in their mother's uterus... [Read More]
Book Review: Going it Alone – A guide for solo mums in the UK
22 February 2021 - by Dr Helen Robertson
The number of single women pursuing motherhood has seen a rapid rise in recent years. As changes in the trends of those seeking assisted reproduction become more apparent, it's perhaps even more important that relevant information and support is available to those pursuing parenthood using such approaches... [Read More]
Podcast Review: SART Fertility Experts – Gestational carriers
28 September 2020 - by Dr Helen Robertson
'Gestational carriers' was not a term I had ever heard prior to being asked to review the latest podcast produced by ASRM Today and SART Fertility Experts. I think that this in itself exemplifies the differences between the UK and the US, which were very obvious throughout the podcast... [Read More]
Event Review: COVID-19 Impact on Access to Fertility Services
3 August 2020 - by Dr Helen Robertson
The COVID-19 pandemic has brought an unprecedented challenge to healthcare across the globe, and access to fertility services is not exempt from this... [Read More]
Podcast Review: Artificial Wombs and the Promise for Premature Babies (Science Weekly, The Guardian)
9 December 2019 - by Dr Helen Robertson
The concept of growing a baby in an engineered environment, or an 'artificial womb', perhaps seems more suited to a sci-fi movie than a real-life medical scenario... [Read More]
Event Review: My Cancer, My DNA - can genomics change the way we treat cancer?
21 March 2016 - by Dr Helen Robertson
'Personalised medicine' is a term that's being increasingly used to describe the future of cancer treatment. But are we ready for the genomics revolution that comes with it?... [Read More]

BioNews News articles written by Dr Helen Robertson:
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Safety demonstrated for blood stem cell transplants in children
13 September 2021 - by Dr Helen Robertson
Blood stem cell transplants do not lead to changes in the DNA of the transplanted cells, a discovery demonstrating their safety has shown... [Read More]
New genetic risk factor for motor neurone disease
7 December 2020 - by Dr Helen Robertson
A new genetic risk factor for motor neurone disease has been identified in so-called 'junk' or non-coding DNA... [Read More]
Cancer risk higher in IVF babies with birth defects
2 November 2020 - by Dr Helen Robertson
Babies born with birth defects who were conceived via IVF are more likely to develop childhood cancer compared to babies conceived naturally, a recent study has found... [Read More]
Extend legal time limit on frozen eggs says bioethics report
5 October 2020 - by Dr Helen Robertson
The ten-year limit on storing women's eggs frozen for non-medical reasons should be extended, according to the UK's leading bioethics body... [Read More]
Gene variant implicated in Alzheimer's disease onset
29 June 2020 - by Dr Helen Robertson
A genetic variant may drive the early formation of amyloid plaques, aggregates of misfolded proteins that form in the spaces between nerve cells, in the brain in Alzheimer’s disease... [Read More]
Premature birth may have long-term epigenetic effects
9 March 2020 - by Dr Helen Robertson
Researchers have found that children's DNA expression can be altered by length of pregnancy... [Read More]
World's first transplant of lab-grown heart muscles
3 February 2020 - by Dr Helen Robertson
A team of scientists at Osaka University in Japan have carried out the first transplant using lab-grown heart muscle cells... [Read More]
Pentagon warns US military not to use home DNA testing kits
6 January 2020 - by Dr Helen Robertson
The Pentagon is advising members of the US military not to use commercial DNA testing kits, stating that they could pose a security concern... [Read More]
Scientist starts editing human eggs to study deaf gene
21 October 2019 - by Dr Helen Robertson
Russian biologist Dr Denis Rebrikov has begun genome editing eggs with the reported objective of learning how deaf couples can have children without the genetic mutation that impairs hearing... [Read More]
No single 'gay gene' suggest genome studies
2 September 2019 - by Dr Helen Robertson
The largest study to date into the genetic basis of sexuality has found that there is no single gene associated with same-sex sexual behaviour... [Read More]