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Helen Robertson

Helen Robertson is a Volunteer Writer at BioNews, having originally joined the publication under the auspices of its writing scheme. She is currently studying for a PhD in Evolutionary and Developmental Biology at University College London (UCL). Her research, conducted in the laboratory of Professor Max Telford, focuses on the evolutionary history and genetics of a group of enigmatic marine worms - the Xenacoelomorpha. Previously, she obtained an MSci in Biological Sciences from UCL. She is a keen long-distance runner, and is currently training for the London Marathon.

BioNews Review articles written by Helen Robertson:
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Event Review: My Cancer, My DNA - can genomics change the way we treat cancer?
21 March 2016 - by Helen Robertson
'Personalised medicine' is a term that's being increasingly used to describe the future of cancer treatment. But are we ready for the genomics revolution that comes with it?... [Read More]

BioNews News articles written by Helen Robertson:
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No single 'gay gene' suggest genome studies
2 September 2019 - by Helen Robertson
The largest study to date into the genetic basis of sexuality has found that there is no single gene associated with same-sex sexual behaviour... [Read More]
International commission on genome editing has first meeting
19 August 2019 - by Helen Robertson
The international commission on the Clinical Use of Human Germline Genome Editing met for the first time last week to discuss the governance and use of embryo genome editing... [Read More]
Scientist plans to make more genome-edited babies
17 June 2019 - by Helen Robertson
A Russian scientist has announced his intention to produce genome-edited babies... [Read More]
Human germline is 'not inviolable', says German ethics council
20 May 2019 - by Helen Robertson
The German Ethics Council has stated that intervention in the human germline - that is, DNA inherited by children from their parents - 'is not inviolable' when it comes to potential interventions... [Read More]
Gene therapy successfully treats 'bubble boy' disease
29 April 2019 - by Helen Robertson
Infants born with a severe immunodeficiency disorder have been successfully treated in a new gene therapy trial... [Read More]
Low oxygen in womb may harm fertility of future daughters
1 April 2019 - by Helen Robertson
Exposure to low levels of oxygen in the womb may cause fertility problems for female offspring later in life... [Read More]
Genome study could offer DNA test to predict life expectancy
21 January 2019 - by Helen Robertson
Scientists have produced a longevity scoring system to predict whether a person can expect to live longer or die sooner than average, based on the cumulative effect of genetic variants that influence lifespan... [Read More]
Tea or coffee preference may be down to your genes
19 November 2018 - by Helen Robertson
Your preference for tea or coffee could be down to a genetic predisposition to perceiving bitterness, a new study has found... [Read More]
Sperm shortages force Tokyo hospital to end donor insemination
1 October 2018 - by Helen Robertson
A shortage of sperm donors has forced a Japanese hospital to stop offering couples a certain type of fertility treatment... [Read More]
Risks of common diseases predicted from UK BioBank data
20 August 2018 - by Helen Robertson
Researchers have developed a new way of analysing genomic data that may help identify disease risk much earlier than current predictors... [Read More]