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Georgia Everett

Georgia Everett is a volunteer writer at BioNews and works as an IVF Laboratory Practitioner for King’s Fertility in London. She completed an MSc in Reproductive Medicine: Science and Ethics at the University of Kent. Her thesis involves investigating the morphological and morphokinetic traits of ‘successful’ IVF embryos using time-lapse imagery, with the research being conducted in partnership with GENNET City Fertility in Farringdon. Prior to this, she studied her BSc in Medical Genetics at the University of Leicester, graduating top of her class, where she became particularly interested in embryology and medical ethics. Her undergraduate dissertation focused on the public perceptions of the legalisation of mitochondrial replacement therapy. She tweets as @GE_Everett

BioNews News articles written by Georgia Everett:
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Lebanon becomes tenth country to perform uterus transplant
30 July 2018 - by Georgia Everett
A team of doctors have successfully completed Lebanon's first ever uterus transplant... [Read More]
Women freeze eggs waiting for partners, not for careers
9 July 2018 - by Georgia Everett
Women are more likely to freeze their eggs due to a lack of a stable partner, rather than for career planning, according to a new study... [Read More]
Four-fold rise in births to women over 50 in England and Wales
18 June 2018 - by Georgia Everett
Hundreds of babies are being born every year to women aged over 50, according to official figures for England and Wales... [Read More]
First full genital transplant performed in the USA
30 April 2018 - by Georgia Everett
A team of surgeons in the USA has successfully performed the first full penis and scrotum transplant on a wounded veteran... [Read More]
Arizona embryo bill raises 'personhood' concerns
12 March 2018 - by Georgia Everett
The Arizona House of Representatives is considering a bill that would mean a couple's cryopreserved embryos could still be used by one of the parties if they split... [Read More]
Woman uses dead son's sperm for IVF grandchildren
19 February 2018 - by Georgia Everett
A woman in India has used the frozen sperm of her dead son in order to have grandchildren via a surrogate... [Read More]
Ibuprofen in early pregnancy may harm the future fertility of baby girls
5 February 2018 - by Georgia Everett
Women taking over-the-counter ibuprofen during early pregnancy could potentially be damaging their unborn baby girl’s future fertility irreversibly, according to a new study... [Read More]
Fresh embryos just as good as frozen for women without PCOS
15 January 2018 - by Georgia Everett
Using fresh embryos in IVF gives the same chance of a live birth as using frozen embryos for ovulatory women, according to two new studies... [Read More]
Same-sex parental support case raises consent issues
18 December 2017 - by Georgia Everett
A woman has asked the Hawaii Supreme Court to overturn a ruling denying her request to sever parental rights to a child born to her ex-wife... [Read More]
IVF and ICSI linked to congenital heart defects in children
27 November 2017 - by Georgia Everett
Children conceived using assisted reproductive techniques have a greater risk of congenital heart defects compared with children born through spontaneous conception, according to research... [Read More]