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Georgia Everett

Georgia Everett is a volunteer writer at BioNews and works as an IVF Laboratory Practitioner for King’s Fertility in London. She completed an MSc in Reproductive Medicine: Science and Ethics at the University of Kent. Her thesis involves investigating the morphological and morphokinetic traits of ‘successful’ IVF embryos using time-lapse imagery, with the research being conducted in partnership with GENNET City Fertility in Farringdon. Prior to this, she studied her BSc in Medical Genetics at the University of Leicester, graduating top of her class, where she became particularly interested in embryology and medical ethics. Her undergraduate dissertation focused on the public perceptions of the legalisation of mitochondrial replacement therapy. She tweets as @GE_Everett

BioNews Review articles written by Georgia Everett:
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Film Review: Thank You For Coming
22 October 2018 - by Georgia Everett
Watching this film truly brought me into the shoes of a donor-conceived child. As an embryologist, I’ve been trained to be empathetic and well-counselled on the rollercoaster that is fertility treatment, but film-maker Sara Lamm’s search for her donor father opened a world of emotions I had yet to consider... [Read More]

BioNews News articles written by Georgia Everett:
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Commission on heritable genome editing launches, while China clamps down
3 June 2019 - by Georgia Everett
An international commission has been assembled to provide guidance on the development of therapies using human germline genome editing... [Read More]
Removing single gene prevents aggressive pancreatic cancer in mice
7 May 2019 - by Georgia Everett
Researchers have discovered that the deletion of a single gene can halt the development and progression of aggressive pancreatic cancer in mice... [Read More]
Lawsuit filed on behalf of aborted embryo in Alabama
18 March 2019 - by Georgia Everett
In the first case of its kind, a lawyer will represent an aborted embryo in an Alabama court, potentially setting a precedent that could affect fertility treatments such as IVF... [Read More]
One round of chemotherapy doesn't affect sperm count
4 March 2019 - by Georgia Everett
Men can safely undergo one round of chemotherapy or radiotherapy for early-stage testicular germ-cell cancer without any negative impact on sperm quality, a new study has found... [Read More]
New lawsuits filed over embryos lost in freezer failure
28 January 2019 - by Georgia Everett
Eight new lawsuits have been filed this week following the loss of 4000 eggs and embryos when a storage tank in a fertility clinic malfunctioned... [Read More]
UK legal system may impact decision to go abroad for surrogacy
17 December 2018 - by Georgia Everett
A new study into the experience of British families who undertaking surrogacy arrangements has shed light on the reasons some seek a surrogate in the UK while others choose to go abroad... [Read More]
Sperm counts halved in sons of smoking dads
3 December 2018 - by Georgia Everett
Men who smoked while their partners were pregnant have sons with lower sperm counts, according to a study in Sweden... [Read More]
NHS to be sued over failing to offer trans patients egg and sperm freezing
1 October 2018 - by Georgia Everett
The Equality and Human Rights Commission is preparing to sue NHS England over failing to offer fertility preservation services to transgender patients... [Read More]
Freeze eggs before 35 for IVF success, says UK report
17 September 2018 - by Georgia Everett
The age at which a woman freezes her eggs has a significant impact on IVF success when they are thawed, suggests a new report by the UK's fertility regulator... [Read More]
'Freeze all' policy for embryos not always best for IVF
28 August 2018 - by Georgia Everett
A study looking at whether frozen or fresh embryo transfers yield the best outcomes for IVF patients has found that the best technique varies from person to person, depending on their cycle so far... [Read More]