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Dr George Janes

Dr George Janes is a Volunteer Writer at BioNews. He obtained his PhD in the field of developmental biology, with his thesis focussing on the developmental responses of plant roots to mineral deficiency stress. He went on to postdoctoral positions at the University of Nottingham (where he studied the role of plant hormones in root growth) and at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich (where he studied vascular development in plant roots).

BioNews News articles written by Dr George Janes:
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Mini CRISPR-associated protein developed by bioengineers
13 September 2021 - by Dr George Janes
Potential applications of CRISPR could be broadened by a new miniature version of the genome editing approach... [Read More]
New report highlights size and strengths of UK genomics sector
9 August 2021 - by Dr George Janes
The UK genomics sector is worth over £5bn and a significant draw for investment, a new report has shown... [Read More]
Genome-wide evidence of the importance of unusual DNA structures
5 July 2021 - by Dr George Janes
Quadruple-stranded DNA structures appear to be evolutionarily conserved in some regions of the genome, indicating they serve an important purpose... [Read More]
Early pregnancy loss may be explained by embryo development discovery
21 June 2021 - by Dr George Janes
Key molecular events regulating early embryo development have been revealed for the first time... [Read More]
Alterations to 3D structure of sperm genome can impact fertility
1 June 2021 - by Dr George Janes
Changes to the three-dimensional (3D) structure of sperm chromosomes during sperm development can affect fertility in mice, it has been revealed... [Read More]
Failure in sperm growth is linked to testicular cancer
4 May 2021 - by Dr George Janes
Early embryonic germ cells, which fail to develop into sperm cells, may later become testicular cancer cells, a study in mice has shown... [Read More]
Researchers generate human-monkey chimeric embryos
19 April 2021 - by Dr George Janes
Monkey embryos containing human stem cells have been grown successfully for the first time... [Read More]
Human DNA shed into the air is collected and sequenced
12 April 2021 - by Dr George Janes
Mammalian DNA can be collected from the air and sequenced with species-level resolution, a study has shown for first time... [Read More]
Mouse embryos grown outside a uterus for 11 days
22 March 2021 - by Dr George Janes
Researchers have devised a method for growing mouse embryos up to the point they start growing limbs and organs, outside of the uterus... [Read More]
Scientists sequence 64 human genomes at high resolution
8 March 2021 - by Dr George Janes
A number of human genomes, spanning global population groups, have been sequenced – providing higher-than-ever clarity... [Read More]