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George Frodsham

George Frodsham was previously a Volunteer Writer at BioNews, having originally joined the publication under the auspices of its writing scheme. He is currently studying for a PhD at University College London (UCL)'s Department of Biochemical Engineering, where his research focuses on the biomedical applications of magnetic nanoparticles, and he also works with a research group at the Royal Institution of Great Britain's Davy Faraday Research Laboratory. Previously, he studied Physics and Philosophy at King's College London, and went on to obtain an MSc in Nanotechnology from UCL.

BioNews Review articles written by George Frodsham:
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Radio Review: Start the Week - Fairy Tale Physics?
10 June 2013 - by George Frodsham
We live in a world in which the demand for progress and solutions is at fever pitch. But by overlooking projects that may not yield immediate benefits, or ignoring the fundamental science that can unexpectedly make new discoveries, we risk missing out on invaluable new understandings, technologies and treatments... [Read More]
Radio Review: DNA 60 Years On
15 April 2013 - by George Frodsham
DNA 60 Years On does an excellent job of highlighting the transformation of DNA from an obscure molecule to a symbol of our identity and individuality and the role it has come to play in our lives... [Read More]
Exhibition Review: Palaces
16 April 2012 - by George Frodsham
A palace made out of children's teeth? It sounds like an idea taken straight from a horror story, and yet this is how Liverpool-based artist Gina Czarnecki hopes to raise awareness about stem cell research.... [Read More]
Film Review: Eggsploitation
7 November 2011 - by George Frodsham
'Eggsploitation' highlights some worrying issues with the way in which egg-harvesting currently operates. Yet it leaves the viewer with the feeling that they haven't been shown the whole picture and a sneaking suspicion that a hidden agenda is at play... [Read More]

BioNews News articles written by George Frodsham:
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Gene variants increase risk of both skin cancer and obesity
11 March 2013 - by George Frodsham
Scientists have found a link between skin cancer and the FTO gene, which was already associated with obesity... [Read More]
Leadership influenced by genetics, claim scientists
21 January 2013 - by George Frodsham
Some really are born leaders; according to a new study, the likelihood of occupying a leadership role is affected by your genes... [Read More]
Dumbing down: mutations make modern man mindless, says academic
19 November 2012 - by George Frodsham
Genetic mutations in thousands of genes that govern our intelligence are contributing to a 'dumbing down' of humanity, as claimed in a controversial new theory... [Read More]
Mosquito gut bacteria genetically engineered to curb spread of malaria
23 July 2012 - by George Frodsham
Genetically modified bacteria may be a new weapon in the fight against malaria. Researchers have altered the genome of a bacterium that lives in mosquitos' guts so that it secretes proteins that are toxic to the malaria parasite... [Read More]
Insurance will continue to be unaffected by predictive genetic tests, says Government
2 July 2012 - by George Frodsham
People who undergo genetic testing to establish their future risk of developing a genetic condition, such as Alzheimer's or breast cancer, will continue to have the right to take out health insurance without disclosing the test results to their insurer.... [Read More]
Couple has children from different racial backgrounds following alleged IVF mix-up
8 May 2012 - by George Frodsham
An alleged 'mix-up' at a UK fertility clinic has resulted in a gay couple having two children with different racial backgrounds, reports the Sunday Times... [Read More]
Parkin gene researchers grow Parkinson's brain cells in lab
13 February 2012 - by George Frodsham
Human brain cells with Parkinson's disease have been successfully grown in a Petri dish, allowing researchers to study them in unprecedented detail. Researchers used a technique in which skin cells are transformed into induced pluripotent stem cells, which can then be made to change into any cell type – in this case, neurons... [Read More]
Brain cells from embryos: two successful mouse implant studies
5 December 2011 - by George Frodsham
Two separate studies have successfully transplanted neurons into the brains of mice. The transplanted neurons are able to send and receive electrical impulses, and can be used to compensate for faulty brain cells, restoring normal function. Both studies sourced the transplanted neurons from embryos – mouse embryos in one case, human embryonic stem cells were used in the other... [Read More]
Gene knock-out creates diabetes-free, mighty mice
14 November 2011 - by George Frodsham
Mice that don't produce a certain protein in their fat cells do not develop type 2 diabetes despite an increase in weight, scientists report. In a separate study, the same research group also managed to double the physical performance of mice by removing the same protein from their muscle cells... [Read More]
World's oldest woman's DNA sequence revealed
24 October 2011 - by George Frodsham
Researchers have fully sequenced the genome of a woman who lived to be 115 years old. She is the longest-surviving person to have their DNA sequenced and the data may help to unlock the secrets of longer life. Initial investigations suggest that the woman may have had genes which provided protection from diseases such as dementia... [Read More]