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Emma Stoye

Emma Stoye was previously a Volunteer Writer at BioNews and works at the Royal Society of Chemistry, where she supports the work of the Communications team. She is also a freelance science writer and broadcaster, writing for publications including Chemistry World and Biomedical Picture of the Day, and she has written and presented material for BBC Radio Scotland and the Naked Scientists. She originally studied Biological Sciences at the University Of Oxford. She tweets (about all sorts of things, but mainly science and cake) as @emmastoye

BioNews News articles written by Emma Stoye:
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Antioxidants 'do not improve women's fertility'
12 August 2013 - by Emma Stoye
There is no evidence to suggest taking antioxidant supplements will help infertile women become pregnant, according a review of fertility clinic trials published in The Cochrane Library... [Read More]
Time-lapse embryo imaging boosts IVF success, clinic claims
20 May 2013 - by Emma Stoye
A technique for monitoring embryo health could increase the chance of IVF couples having a healthy baby, according to a study from researchers at a private fertility clinic... [Read More]
A gene switch for better heart healing in mice
22 April 2013 - by Emma Stoye
Researchers have identified a gene that regulates the regeneration of adult heart cells... [Read More]
US surrogacy dispute: surrogate refuses to abort at genetic parents' request
11 March 2013 - by Emma Stoye
A surrogate mother in the United States, who refused an abortion at the intended parents' request after a scan revealed abnormalities, has told CNN news that she was offered money to terminate the fetus and was threatened with legal action.... [Read More]
Every 15 cigarettes smoked causes a genetic mutation, says Department of Health
14 January 2013 - by Emma Stoye
The Department of Health has launched an advertisement campaign aiming to highlight the unseen damage caused by smoking... [Read More]
Genome sequencing allows doctors to stop spread of superbug
19 November 2012 - by Emma Stoye
Genetic sequencing has been used to track and halt an outbreak of MRSA at an NHS hospital in Cambridge.... [Read More]
Mouse studies suggest fresh approach to fertility preservation
1 October 2012 - by Emma Stoye
Two proteins that kick-start the destruction of damaged mouse eggs have been discovered by scientists. The findings may go on to have applications in fertility preservation for female cancer patients who receive aggressive treatment... [Read More]
Global study counters 'junk' DNA theory
10 September 2012 - by Emma Stoye
Scientists have found that 80 percent of DNA in the human genome, previously thought to be of no use, have important functions... [Read More]
Daily dose of walnuts slightly but significantly boosts sperm health
20 August 2012 - by Emma Stoye
Eating two handfuls of walnuts every day can improve sperm quality in healthy young men, researchers have found... [Read More]