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Dr Emma Green

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Gene variant linked to growth may help people survive with limited food
4 October 2021 - by Dr Emma Green
A variant of the growth hormone receptor gene, known as GHRd3, has been linked to survival in times of scarce food resource... [Read More]
Lab-grown brain organoids develop primitive eyes
23 August 2021 - by Dr Emma Green
Brain organoids grown in the lab can develop primitive eyes called optic cups, containing key cell types that are able to respond to light... [Read More]
Gene responsible for lack of sperm identified
9 August 2021 - by Dr Emma Green
Gene variants affecting a single gene have been identified in men who do not produce sperm, giving some insight into genetic control of sperm production... [Read More]
Epigenetics study reveals how genes are regulated in dementia
21 June 2021 - by Dr Emma Green
A study has identified 84 new genes linked to Alzheimer's disease by combining and analysing data from over 1400 people... [Read More]
Development of personalised models of cognitive decline
24 May 2021 - by Dr Emma Green
A new model able to predict cognitive decline in Alzheimer's disease could help to develop personalised treatments... [Read More]
Key gene associated with Alzheimer's disease identified
26 April 2021 - by Dr Emma Green
Researchers have identified a new key gene linked to the progression of memory loss in Alzheimer's disease... [Read More]
Lab grown brain organoids mirror newborn brain development
1 March 2021 - by Dr Emma Green
Brain organoids, grown in the lab from stem cells, have been shown to develop in-line with the human brain... [Read More]
New intermediate stem cell type derived
7 December 2020 - by Dr Emma Green
Development of a new 'intermediate' embryonic stem cell type, able to generate gamete cells and chimeras, could lead to advances in regenerative medicine and reproductive biology... [Read More]