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Emma Bunting

Emma Bunting is a Volunteer Writer at BioNews, having originally joined the publication under the auspices of its writing scheme. She is studying for a PhD in Neuroscience at University College London's Queen Square Institute of Neurology, where she works in Professor Sarah Tabrizi's team. Her research, which is funded by the Medical Research Council, explores the role of DNA repair in Huntington's disease with a particular focus on mismatch repair. Previously, she studied Natural Sciences at the University of Bath, with a year's research experience at Harvard University's Medical School investigating the ageing brain.

BioNews Review articles written by Emma Bunting:
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Podcast Review: Pride And Joy – The old-fashioned way
15 June 2020 - by Emma Bunting
When starting his transition, doctors told Freddy McConnell he would never be able to have children. Five years later, he gave birth to his son Jack... [Read More]

BioNews News articles written by Emma Bunting:
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Neanderthal genes may increase risk for severe COVID-19
5 October 2020 - by Emma Bunting
A stretch of DNA, thought to triple the risk of developing severe COVID-19, has been passed down by Neanderthals to modern humans, scientists claim... [Read More]
Infertility and early menopause linked to genetic mutations
7 September 2020 - by Emma Bunting
Researchers have identified a gene that plays a key role in fertility across multiple species and may contribute to our understanding of age-related infertility in women... [Read More]
Canada's Supreme Court upholds genetic non-discrimination law
13 July 2020 - by Emma Bunting
The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled to uphold a federal law forbidding third parties from demanding people's genetic information... [Read More]
Storing embryos for longer may reduce chances of pregnancy success
29 June 2020 - by Emma Bunting
The vitrification method of freezing and storing embryos is safe, but the length of time embryos are kept in storage may affect their chances of resulting in a pregnancy and successful birth... [Read More]
Genetic mutation rate could predict lifespan and fertility
22 June 2020 - by Emma Bunting
Determining when ageing starts, our predicted remaining lifespan, and how long women remain fertile can be predicted from the rate we accumulate mutations as young adults, scientists claim... [Read More]
New technology to select best quality sperm
15 June 2020 - by Emma Bunting
What if it were possible to improve IVF success rates, and reduce miscarriages by selecting the best sperm?
Surrogate-born babies stranded in Ukraine during coronavirus lockdown
26 May 2020 - by Emma Bunting
The COVID-19 pandemic has left parents across the globe whose children have been born through surrogacy in Ukraine across the globe unable to bring their babies home... [Read More]
Human stem cells grown inside mouse embryos
18 May 2020 - by Emma Bunting
Scientists have developed a method that dramatically increases the production of human stem cells using mouse embryos... [Read More]
Organoid models suggest COVID-19 virus infects human intestinal cells
11 May 2020 - by Emma Bunting
New research suggests COVID-19 can infect and multiply within intestinal cells... [Read More]
Clinical results released from a novel blood-based multicancer test
4 May 2020 - by Emma Bunting
A new blood test can double the number of cancer cases detected before symptoms develop, when combined with existing screening programmes... [Read More]