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Eleanor Lynam

Eleanor Lynam is a is a Volunteer Writer at BioNews having originally joined the publication under the auspices of its writing scheme. She is currently studying for a PhD in Molecular Cell Biology at University College London. Her research, which is funded by the British Heart Foundation, focuses on the genetic regulatory mechanisms governing vascular function. Previously, she studied Inflammation at Queen Mary University, where she obtained an MRes.
BioNews Review articles written by Eleanor Lynam:
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Podcast Review: 'Genetics Unzipped' by the Genetics Society
21 January 2019 - by Eleanor Lynam
As a hardened podcast obsessive working in the field of genetics, I was excited to listen to the Genetics Society podcast 'Genetics Unzipped'... [Read More]

BioNews News articles written by Eleanor Lynam:
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Coronavirus may infect embryos early in pregnancy
10 August 2020 - by Eleanor Lynam
New evidence suggests that embryos may be susceptible to SARS-CoV-2 viral infection, the virus responsible for COVID-19... [Read More]
Patients test positive for COVID-19 after clinical recovery
26 May 2020 - by Eleanor Lynam
COVID-19 patients are testing positive for genetic elements of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, up to 24 days after hospital discharge... [Read More]
Epigenetic changes linked to biological age
24 February 2020 - by Eleanor Lynam
Researchers at the University of Southern California report that a person's body-age is in some cases over 40 years above their actual age, whilst some people have a body-age that is decades younger... [Read More]
Genetic screening of embryos may not lead to smarter babies
25 November 2019 - by Eleanor Lynam
'Designer babies' created via IVF and selected on the basis of genetic combinations for intelligence or height are unlikely to become reality, according to a recent study... [Read More]
US project on 1 million genomes lines up genetic counsellors
27 August 2019 - by Eleanor Lynam
A US governmental programme which aims to sequence the genomes of one million people has teamed up with a company to offer genetic counselling to participants... [Read More]
DNA tests can come with a placebo effect
17 December 2018 - by Eleanor Lynam
Being aware of a genetic risk can cause a 'placebo effect', a recent study has found... [Read More]
Cambodia releases detained surrogates
10 December 2018 - by Eleanor Lynam
Thirty-two Cambodian women charged with human trafficking for acting as surrogates have been released on bail on the condition that they keep the children... [Read More]
Human placenta organoids grown outside womb
3 December 2018 - by Eleanor Lynam
Scientists have produced elaborate placenta-like organoids in a dish, which may aid in the research of pregnancy disorders... [Read More]
Irish hospital reviews its cancer test reports after error in case
26 November 2018 - by Eleanor Lynam
A hospital in Ireland has been reviewing hundreds of test reports for the BRCA gene after a woman was incorrectly told she was not at heightened risk of cancer... [Read More]
Genetics study reveals how obesity can cause depression
19 November 2018 - by Eleanor Lynam
The largest study of its kind has given evidence to suggest that being overweight can cause depression, primarily due to psychological factors... [Read More]