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Dr Daniel Grimes

Dr Daniel Grimes was previously a Volunteer Writer at BioNews, and is a Postdoctoral Fellow at Princeton University's Department of Molecular Biology. He originally studied at Queen’s College at the University Of Oxford, and went on to obtain a DPhil at the Medical Research Council's Mammalian Genetics Unit, where his researched focused on axis specification during embryogenesis.

BioNews Review articles written by Dr Daniel Grimes:
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Book Review: The Epigenetics Revolution - How Modern Biology is Rewriting Our Understanding of Genetics, Disease and Inheritance
10 September 2012 - by Dr Daniel Grimes
In her new book, 'The Epigenetics Revolution', Nessa Carey argues that we are in the midst of the next great upheaval in biological thinking... [Read More]
TV Review: HARDtalk - Professor Sir John Sulston
15 May 2012 - by Dr Daniel Grimes
Watching Stephen Sackur interview renowned scientist Sir John Sulston on HARDtalk, it comes as a surprise to discover that Sulston's current interests lie in human population control. This from the scientist whose pioneering work on the basic cell biology of the nematode worm led him to Stockholm in 2002, where he was jointly awarded the Nobel Prize.... [Read More]

BioNews News articles written by Dr Daniel Grimes:
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Cornea successfully grown from stem cells
7 July 2014 - by Dr Daniel Grimes
In one of the first experiments to grow tissue from adult stem cells, scientists have grown corneas in the lab... [Read More]
Pioneering ovarian tissue graft helps cancer survivor become pregnant
9 September 2013 - by Dr Daniel Grimes
A woman in Australia has become pregnant with her own eggs following an ovarian tissue transplant seven years after her ovaries were removed during cancer treatment.... [Read More]
Study finds no evidence for 'ethical' embryonic-like stem cells in adult mice
29 July 2013 - by Dr Daniel Grimes
A paper in the journal Stem Cell Reports has reignited debate among a section of the stem cell research community. The study calls into question the existence of a type of cell that, if validated, would have great potential for use in regenerative medicine... [Read More]
Autism mechanism goes beyond genes
29 April 2013 - by Dr Daniel Grimes
A study on identical twins with distinct autistic traits suggests that epigenetic factors may be important in understanding how the neurological disorder develops... [Read More]
Stem cell-like origins of ovarian cancer identified
11 March 2013 - by Dr Daniel Grimes
The source of stem cell-like cells that can give rise to ovarian cancer in mice has been found, reports a study in the journal Nature... [Read More]
Non-invasive prenatal test as good as invasive methods, say scientists
14 January 2013 - by Dr Daniel Grimes
US biotech company Verinata Health has reported sequencing fetal DNA taken from pregnant women's blood to test for genetic abnormalities... [Read More]
Critically ill patient dies after Pluristem claims stem cell treatment a 'success'
12 November 2012 - by Dr Daniel Grimes
A biotechnology company has come under fire after reporting success of its 'life-saving' stem cell based therapies ahead of a major stock sale, which occurred before investors became aware of news that a patient who had received its treatment had died.... [Read More]
Anti-cancer drug could be used in treatment for HIV
30 July 2012 - by Dr Daniel Grimes
Scientists have discovered that an anti-cancer drug can revive dormant HIV thereby allowing therapies to act upon the low level inactive virus particles that hide in patients' immune cells and have, until now, been unsusceptible to treatment... [Read More]
Eye precursor and tiny liver grown from stem cells
25 June 2012 - by Dr Daniel Grimes
Human embryonic stem cells have, for the first time, been used to grow a crucial part of the eye, a paper in Cell Stem Cell reports. It is hoped that in the future transplantation of such tissue could help visually impaired people recover their sight... [Read More]
Whole fetal genome sequenced for the first time
11 June 2012 - by Dr Daniel Grimes
Researchers have sequenced the entire genome of an 18 and a half-week-old fetus using DNA samples from the blood of its mother and saliva samples from its father. These findings provide a proof of principle that a fetus can be examined for genetic defects using non-invasive technologies... [Read More]