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FILM: The COVID Vaccine – A Shot in the Arm for Fertility Treatment?
22 February 2021 - by BioNews
This film documents a Progress Educational Trust event about vaccination and assisted conception... [Read More]
Why financial and medical decision-making must remain separate in UK fertility
22 February 2021 - by Natalie Silverman
Recent weeks have seen a major shift in how private fertility treatment can be paid for, with a major clinic group now offering multi-cycle and refund programmes directly for the first time, removing vital separations between medical and commercial decision-making... [Read More]
Assisted reproductive technology in Australia and the United Kingdom
15 February 2021 - by Professor William L Ledger
Two possible national solutions to the issues of safety and accessibility of IVF... [Read More]
The 14-day limit should be extended to 28 days
15 February 2021 - by Sophia McCully
The '14-day rule', initially proposed in 1979 in the USA, was first recommended in the UK by the Warnock Committee in 1984. It limits research on intact human embryos 'prior to 14 days' gestation or the beginning of primitive streak formation' and is part of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008... [Read More]
The COVID Vaccine: A Shot in the Arm for Fertility Treatment?
8 February 2021 - by Dr Ëlo Luik
To help explain and clarify the advice to fertility patients and clinicians, and to fight misinformation spreading online, the Progress Educational Trust hosted a live online event on 4 February 2021... [Read More]
Class action lawsuit: has Monash IVF breached its legal duty of care?
1 February 2021 - by Dr Patrick Foong
A law firm has filed a class action against Monash IVF, one of Australia's largest IVF clinics, following allegations that the fertility clinic may have destroyed healthy embryos through a defective non-invasive genetic screening test... [Read More]
FILM: Known Unknowns – The Follow-Up Interviews
1 February 2021 - by BioNews
In this series of short films, speakers from last years Progress Educational Trust event 'Known Unknowns: The Pros, Cons and Consequences of Known Donation' answer follow-up questions about 'known donor' arrangements in sperm and egg donation... [Read More]
Will a COVID-19 vaccine change my DNA?
1 February 2021 - by Professor Frances Flinter
In order to be approved for use in the UK, vaccines must meet the strict standards of safety, quality and effectiveness set out by the independent Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency... [Read More]
FILM: An All-Consuming Problem? How to Protect Patients in the Fertility Market
25 January 2021 - by BioNews
This film documents a Progress Educational Trust event about consumer protection for fertility patients... [Read More]
An All-Consuming Problem? How to Protect Patients in the Fertility Market
18 January 2021 - by Dr Ëlo Luik
The first online event held by the Progress Educational Trust (PET) in 2021 was 'An All-Consuming Problem? How to Protect Patients in the Fertility Market'... [Read More]
Identifying the risk of low ovarian response during repeat IVF – implications for fertility treatment provision during the COVID-19 pandemic
18 January 2021 - by Dr Thanos Papathanasiou
The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in an increased workload for assisted conception clinics world-wide... [Read More]
The impact of COVID-19 on oocytes
11 January 2021 - by Dr Rita Vassena
In the last year, it has become painfully apparent that the new coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, while initially targeting the respiratory system, can affect several tissues and organs and result in a plethora of symptoms and sequelae... [Read More]
Correlation and Causation: What Can Genetics and Genomics Tell Us about COVID-19?
21 December 2020 - by Dr Joanne Delange
Session three of the Progress Educational Trust (PET) annual conference explored the genetic and genomic links to susceptibility to severe COVID-19... [Read More]
Examining the Evidence: Can COVID-19 Affect Fertility? Can It Affect the Fetus?
21 December 2020 - by Annabel Slater
The second session at the Progress Educational Trust conference 'Fertility, Genomics and COVID-19' cast an expert look at whether COVID-19 affects fertility, and the health of a developing fetus... [Read More]
Resuming Treatment: What Can European Countries Learn from One Another?
21 December 2020 - by Dr Marieke Bigg
As we move towards the end of a staggered and fractured response to a global pandemic, in this final session of PET's annual conference, we asked what European countries can learn from one other in the resumption of fertility treatment... [Read More]
The Impact of COVID-19 on the Fertility Sector
21 December 2020 - by Shaoni Bhattacharya
'What a year it's been!' With this statement, Sarah Norcross, director of the Progress Educational Trust opened the charity's annual conference 'Fertility, Genomics and COVID-19' on 9 December... [Read More]
California's Proposition 14: short in the arm for stem cell research
14 December 2020 - by Dr Patrick Foong
Proposition 14 proposes a considerable loan to fund stem cell research, but in the current financial climate this is likely to cause more harm than good... [Read More]
FILM: IVF Success - What Makes Scotland Special?
14 December 2020 - by BioNews
This film documents a Progress Educational Trust event about the successes and experiences of Scottish fertility clinics... [Read More]
FILM: Lessons from Lockdown - How to Improve Support for Fertility Patients
14 December 2020 - by BioNews
This film documents a Progress Educational Trust event about how best to support patients in light of the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic, and the related disruption of fertility treatment... [Read More]
International surrogacy: new HFEA guidance and the dangers of oversimplifying a complex picture
14 December 2020 - by Natalie Gamble
The pandemic has thrown a spotlight on international surrogacy... [Read More]
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