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In defence of the welfare of women
12 November 2018 - by Dr Geeta Nargund, Professor Stuart Campbell, Dr Svend Lindenberg, Dr Pasquale Patrizio, Professor Rene Frydman
Over the last ten years, the International Society for Mild Approaches in Assisted Reproduction (ISMAAR) has campaigned worldwide to put the welfare of women at the heart of fertility treatment... [Read More]
The worst five words you can say to a couple experiencing infertility
12 November 2018 - by Anya Sizer
'Why can't you just adopt?' It is a phrase that is repeatedly aimed at one of society's most isolated and misunderstood groups: those facing infertility. Time and again we hear those words, as though a magic formula has been found to sweep away years of trying, of treatment and heartache... [Read More]
Whose genome is it anyway?
5 November 2018 - by Phil Booth
There are potentially great benefits to the use of genomic data. But there are also clear risks and concerns, due in large part to the particular characteristics of DNA and the vast amount of information that can be derived from it... [Read More]
Enforcing 'mother' status on a transgender man harms both parent and child
29 October 2018 - by Jessica Smith
A transgender man who recently gave birth wishes to be registered as the child's parent, but not mother, on the birth certificate. The case will be heard in the High Court in 2019... [Read More]
In defence of IVF
29 October 2018 - by Dr Raj Mathur
It is striking how IVF has become part of the national conversation in ways that would have been unthinkable one or two decades ago... [Read More]
Bring on the bots: Chatbots will make genetic counselling services more accessible
22 October 2018 - by Tara Schmidlen and Amy Curry Sturm
It's 2018, and Alexa has become a common household name. The iPhone just turned 10 and roughly two-thirds of adults worldwide own a smartphone. About 84 percent of the global population lives in an area where mobile broadband access is available. At the same time, genetic testing has become more affordable and accessible to consumers, with direct-to-consumer genetic testing pioneer, 23andMe, now boasting five million users in over 50 countries... [Read More]
Whose genome is it anyway? Big Data and your DNA
15 October 2018 - by Annabel Slater
DNA is effectively data. If we are concerned about the data stored on our phones and computers, on social media sites and government servers, should we extend our concern to our DNA? ... [Read More]
Men are not getting adequate care for infertility
8 October 2018 - by Professor Sheena Lewis
There has been much media interest in male infertility care this year, but two major issues have stood out. The first is the inadequacy of care for the man, from incomplete diagnosis to non-information about his treatment choices. The second is the use of a vulnerable woman to undergo invasive fertility treatment in order to treat a third party – her male partner. This is unparalleled in other branches of medicine... [Read More]
Modern surrogacy needs a modern law: How should we regulate surrogacy in the 21st century?
1 October 2018 - by Jennifer Willows
At the Royal Society of Edinburgh, on 27 September 2018, the Progress Educational Trust (PET) held its public event 'Modern Surrogacy Needs a Modern Law: How Should We Regulate Surrogacy in the 21st Century?'... [Read More]
It's a bumper harvest – but what about consent?
24 September 2018 - by Dr Anna Smajdor
In the wake of a recent Mail on Sunday article, one might wonder if there are grounds for moving from a small-scale subsistence-type approach to the harvest, to a more industrial approach. No, we are not talking about vegetables here, but… sperm... [Read More]
Battle-worn: Setting up a multi-centre, randomised, controlled trial in the UK
17 September 2018 - by Professor Roy Homburg and Dr Albert Opoku
Why has clinical evidence on IVF 'add-ons' not been forthcoming?... [Read More]
How do we make genomics everybody's business?
10 September 2018 - by Alexander Ware
This Progress Educational Trust/Genomics England event concerned the imminent completion of the 100,000 Genomes Project, and the upcoming launch of the new national NHS Genomic Medicine Service... [Read More]
HFEA launches first National Fertility Patient Survey
3 September 2018 - by Yuba Bessaoud
The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) has today launched the first-ever National Fertility Patient Survey. The objective is to give the UK's fertility patients an unprecedented chance to have their say... [Read More]
The significance of fertility: A landmark ruling on posthumous conception
3 September 2018 - by Louisa Ghevaert
The recently published case of Y v A Healthcare NHS Trust is a unique and important legal ruling on posthumous conception in the UK. The decision sends an important message that individual fertility and reproductive legacy, and not just property, can warrant protection... [Read More]
Uterus transplantation in Lebanon: Could it make women more vulnerable?
28 August 2018 - by Dr Hazar Haidar
The first successful uterine transplant in Lebanon, the Middle East and North Africa, was announced by Lebanon’s health minister Ghassan Hasbani last month at the Bellevue Medical Centre in Beirut... [Read More]
Why Canada court's ruling on contested embryo is wrong – but also right
28 August 2018 - by Sara Cohen
Over the past couple of weeks, much ink has been spilled over the recent Ontario Superior Court decision, SH v. DH (see BioNews 961).  It is precedent-setting in Ontario and across Canada, being the first published decision determining who may use frozen embryos upon the dissolution of a marriage... [Read More]
What does genome editing mean for Down's syndrome?
20 August 2018 - by Professor Robin Lovell-Badge
The recent Nuffield Council on Bioethics report 'Genome Editing and Human Reproduction: Social and Ethical Issues' has been both welcomed and criticised... [Read More]
Let's get fertility preservation right for everyone
13 August 2018 - by Dr Sue Avery
The UK's Equality and Human Rights Commission is threatening legal action if 'outdated' NHS policies, which it says discriminate against the transgender community, are not changed urgently. Specifically, it is concerned that trans people should have equal access to fertility preservation services... [Read More]
FILM: With Great Genomic Data Comes Great Responsibility
6 August 2018 - by BioNews
This film documents the Progress Educational Trust/Genomics England event 'With Great Genomic Data Comes Great Responsibility', which formed part of the Genomics Conversation... [Read More]
Why it's time to define serious and significant genetic conditions
6 August 2018 - by Dr Mair Crouch
Rapid advances in the field of genetics give one a sense of needing to address the issue of what constitutes a 'serious and significant' genetic condition and to seek a broad definition. I will endeavour here to outline some scenarios to illustrate how a definition might help... [Read More]
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