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Relationship breakdown during fertility treatment: What happens to my embryo?
2 August 2021 - by Sarah Wood-Heath
Since 1991, the number of IVF cycles has increased significantly with success rates also growing… [Read More]
Why are there lower IVF success rates for black women?
26 July 2021 - by Antonette Milligan
When the Human Fertility and Embryology Authority published data in March showing black patients had the lowest chances of successful treatment in the UK, it came as no surprise to me at all... [Read More]
Changing the Human Genome: What Next for Germline Genome Editing?
19 July 2021 - by Ana Hallgarten
PET's latest online event discussed the recently published reports from the World Health Organisation on human genome editing... [Read More]
FILM: What's in the Pipeline for Male Infertility?
19 July 2021 - by BioNews
This film documents a Progress Educational Trust event about the latest developments in the science and medicine of male infertility... [Read More]
Regulating genomics – the next decade
19 July 2021 - by Gemma Hobcraft
The implementation plan for 2021-2022 provides an insight as to how the National Genomic Health Strategy will begin to 'transform genomic healthcare over the next ten years'... [Read More]
FILM: Sandy Starr and Simon Wilde discuss whole genome sequencing, newborn screening and public dialogue
12 July 2021 - by BioNews
A conversation between Sandy Starr (deputy director of the Progress Educational Trust) and Simon Wilde (engagement director at Genomics England) about a new report on whole genome sequencing and newborn screening... [Read More]
Should we edit human embryos' genomes, and if so then how?
12 July 2021 - by Dr Dieter Egli
I recently received a thoughtful letter from a college student I do not know – I'll call her Claudia* – who took the time to reach out to me with her perspective on heritable genome editing in embryos... [Read More]
Epigenetics and bioethics of human embryonic development: a birds' eye perspective
5 July 2021 - by Trine Skuland, Dr Birgit Kvernflaten and Joona Räsänen
It is becoming clear that our gene functions are influenced by a variety of 'epigenetic' factors throughout our lives and even before we are conceived... [Read More]
FILM: Sarah Norcross and Professor Sir Mark Caulfield discuss whole genome sequencing and genomic medicine
5 July 2021 - by BioNews
A conversation between Sarah Norcross (director of the Progress Educational Trust) and Professor Sir Mark Caulfield (outgoing chief scientist at Genomics England) about the past, present and future of NHS genomics... [Read More]
A matter of diagnosis... and why diagnosis matters
28 June 2021 - by Allison Watson
Ring chromosome 20 syndrome is an ultra-rare difficult to treat epilepsy, often accompanied by intellectual disability and behaviour disorder... [Read More]
Surrogacy law change: The UK needs to look across the pond
28 June 2021 - by Zaina Mahmoud
The long process of reforming surrogacy laws in the UK continues, with legislation expected from the Law Commission of England and Wales and Scottish Law Commission early next year... [Read More]
Doctors donating their own sperm is a bigger problem than you think
21 June 2021 - by Sarah Dingle
Imagine: you have a life, a job, a house, and perhaps kids of your own. You're an adult, moving through the world with a sense of who you are and what you want... [Read More]
What's in the Pipeline for Male Infertility?
21 June 2021 - by Dr Helen Robertson
A historic lack of investment in targeted treatments means that male infertility hasn't received the airtime that's needed to raise awareness, open up the conversation, or provide therapeutic options that focus on the cause... [Read More]
Why fertility treatment must be in the Women's Health Strategy
21 June 2021 - by Sarah Norcross
The Progress Educational Trust draws the attention of the UK government to five areas of fertility treatment which have far-reaching consequences for the health of women... [Read More]
Egg donation has come home
14 June 2021 - by Dr Kamal Ahuja and Professor Nick Macklon
Among the highlights of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority's (HFEA) latest report on trends in fertility treatment is a continuing upturn in the number of egg donation cycles performed in the UK... [Read More]
How many is too many in surrogacy? Who is thinking about the children?
14 June 2021 - by Dr Marilyn Crawshaw and Professor Olga van den Akker
A recent report of a millionaire couple who had 20 babies through surrogacy makes for disturbing reading. It highlights what can happen in the absence of universally agreed, child-focused laws to regulate the growing world of surrogacy... [Read More]
Fertilisation, the fourteen day rule, and beyond
7 June 2021 - by Dr Sigal Klipstein
The first IVF baby was born in 1978, and represented a milestone at the cross section of basic science, clinical research and patient care... [Read More]
FILM: Sarah Norcross and Dr Sarah Martins Da Silva discuss the future of male fertility
7 June 2021 - by BioNews
A conversation between Sarah Norcross (director of the Progress Educational Trust) and Dr Sarah Martins Da Silva (clinical senior lecturer in Systems Medicine at the University of Dundee) about the future of male fertility... [Read More]
FILM: Sandy Starr and Professor Robin Lovell-Badge discuss embryo and stem cell research guidelines
1 June 2021 - by BioNews
A conversation between Sandy Starr and Professor Robin Lovell-Badge (deputy director and chair of trustees respectively at the Progress Educational Trust) about the latest guidelines of the International Society for Stem Cell Research... [Read More]
Reforming the Law on Surrogacy: Reflections on the APPG on Surrogacy Report and Law Commission's Consultation Paper
1 June 2021 - by Charlotte Park-Morton
In April, the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Surrogacy launched the 'Report on Understanding of the Law and Practice of Surrogacy'... [Read More]
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