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Catherine Heffner

BioNews Review articles written by Catherine Heffner:
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Video Review: 'Engaging the Public with Genome Editing' series, Biochemical Society
7 May 2019 - by Catherine Heffner
'So, forgive my ignorance, but… what do you actually do every day?' As a scientist, this is a question I get asked all too frequently by friends and family. The separation between the scientific community and the wider public is seemingly ever growing... [Read More]

BioNews News articles written by Catherine Heffner:
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WiFi devices affect sperm, suggests study
7 May 2019 - by Catherine Heffner
A small study by researchers in Japan has indicated that exposure to WiFi may have detrimental effects on sperm function... [Read More]
First baby born in mitochondrial donation for infertility trial
15 April 2019 - by Catherine Heffner
A baby conceived via IVF using genetic information from three people has been born to a mother not affected by mitochondrial disease... [Read More]
Transgender fertility rights case against NHS dropped
8 April 2019 - by Catherine Heffner
A legal dispute over access to NHS fertility services for transgender people has been resolved after new guidelines were issued... [Read More]
Woman with rare genes feels no pain
1 April 2019 - by Catherine Heffner
Two rare gene variants have been discovered in a Scottish woman who lives a virtually pain-free life... [Read More]
Virtual sperm suggest that strong tails may be key for IVF
25 March 2019 - by Catherine Heffner
Stronger tails help human sperm in their race to fertilise eggs, mathematical modelling suggests... [Read More]
Infertility in women linked to greater cancer risk
18 March 2019 - by Catherine Heffner
A woman's risk of developing cancer is up to one fifth higher for those with fertility issues compared with those without these problems, according to new research... [Read More]
DNA damage in neurons repaired during sleep
11 March 2019 - by Catherine Heffner
Sleep has an important role in allowing DNA in brain cells to repair, suggests a new study that also links higher chromosome activity at night to DNA repair... [Read More]