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Cara Foley

Cara Foley was previously a Volunteer Writer at BioNews, having originally joined the publication under the auspices of its writing scheme. She is currently studying for a PhD in Medical and Biomedical Imaging at the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council's Centre for Doctoral Training In Medical Imaging, with her research based primarily at University College London's Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health. Her research focuses on measuring changes in brain connectivity in children with cerebral palsy, following surgical treatment (selective dorsal rhizotomy). Previously, she studied Biological Sciences at the University of Oxford and went on to obtain an MSc in Reproductive Medicine: Science and Ethics at the University of Kent. She blogs at Why Does It Always Brain on Me?.

BioNews Review articles written by Cara Foley:
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TV Review: Tyneside's Genetic Pioneers
23 July 2018 - by Cara Foley
'We're about to witness a miracle!' A lady in the throes of childbirth fills the screen, and with a long, drawn-out grunt of pain, baby Leo is born... [Read More]
Podcast Review: Naked Genetics - Exposing the Contents of Your Genes
9 October 2017 - by Cara Foley
'Would you donate your genome?' Straight to the point, the introduction immediately grabbed my attention. Genome donation wasn't something I had even considered before listening to this podcast, so I was very curious to learn more... [Read More]
Radio Review: The Inquiry - Is Gene Editing Out of Control?
31 July 2017 - by Cara Foley
The broadcast by BBC World Service is split into four parts, each with an assigned 'expert witness'. The first chapter tackles 'The Language of Life', aiming to elucidate exactly what DNA, genes and genome editing are... [Read More]

BioNews News articles written by Cara Foley:
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Pig organ transplants a step closer as CRISPR removes viruses
14 August 2017 - by Cara Foley
Ancient viral genes have been eliminated from pigs using the genome editing tool CRISPR, according to research... [Read More]
Gene in brain's 'reward circuit' linked to depression
10 July 2017 - by Cara Foley
A gene that could play a key role in depression has been identified... [Read More]
Genome study suggests a fifth of adults carry disease mutations
3 July 2017 - by Cara Foley
Approximately 22 percent of healthy adults carry mutations that are associated with disease, found the first ever randomised clinical trial using whole-genome sequencing... [Read More]
Large study finds first genes linked to Tourette's syndrome
26 June 2017 - by Cara Foley
The first genes linked Tourette's syndrome have been identified in the biggest study of the disorder to date... [Read More]
Fetal immune system is active, not immature
19 June 2017 - by Cara Foley
The fetal immune system is more mature in the second trimester than previously thought, which could assist research into┬ádiseases, miscarriage and immune tolerance, researchers say... [Read More]
Fetuses prefer to gaze at face-like shapes
12 June 2017 - by Cara Foley
Fetuses in the late stages of pregnancy move their heads towards shapes that resemble faces, suggesting┬áthat the ability to recognise faces may be innate... [Read More]
Drinking tea alters women's epigenetics
5 June 2017 - by Cara Foley
Researchers have found that drinking tea may affect gene expression in women... [Read More]