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Cait McDonagh

Cait McDonagh is a former Volunteer Writer at BioNews and a Volunteer at the charity that publishes it, the Progress Educational Trust (PET). She is also a Development Editor at Brierley Price Prior. Previously, she studied Law at the University of Kent, where she also volunteered for the Kent Law Clinic. Her dissertation for her Medical Law and Ethics LLM focused on public health services, childcare and relationships with the state. She has a particular interest in the regulation of new reproductive therapies, and the storage and use of genetic materials.

BioNews Comment articles written by Cait McDonagh:
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Do Genes Matter? Families and Donor Conception
28 May 2014 - by Cait McDonagh
Since 1991, more than 35,000 children have been born in the UK as a result of donor conception, and our knowledge of genetics has increased substantially during that time. The event 'Do Genes Matter? Families and Donor Conception' set out to ask whether our understanding of family has changed too... [Read More]
Being: The Donor-Conceived Perspective
4 March 2013 - by Cait McDonagh
Another full house for the final event of Progress Educational Trust's 'When it Takes More Than Two' series. This time attendees were invited to consider gamete donation from the perspective of the donor conceived... [Read More]
Receiving: The Recipient Parent Perspective
28 January 2013 - by Cait McDonagh
The second debate in the Progress Educational Trust's project 'When It Takes More Than Two' took place at University College London last week. The debate, 'Receiving: The Recipient Parent Perspective', focused on the views of those who have received donor gametes to begin their families.... [Read More]
NICE Try - The Impact of Policy / Calm Down Dear - The Impact of Stress
3 December 2012 - by Cait McDonagh
The Progress Educational Trust's annual conference 'Fertility Treatment: A Life-Changing Event?' was an opportunity for experts in the fertility sector to debunk myths surrounding the impact of life-style factors on fertility and fertility practice... [Read More]
Quangoing, going, gone: what should happen to the HFEA?
24 September 2012 - by Cait McDonagh
'Quangoing, going, gone', a debate organised by the Progress Educational Trust and the Anne McLaren Memorial Fund highlighted the diverse viewpoints on just what should happen to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority as the government seeks to streamline health regulation... [Read More]

BioNews Review articles written by Cait McDonagh:
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Book Review: Like a Virgin
12 November 2012 - by Cait McDonagh
Reading the back cover blurb, I was looking forward to an eye-opening adventure, discovering the ways in which societies have long been fascinated with creating a child by unconventional means. The book also promised to show how this might be possible in the future and I wasn’t disappointed... [Read More]
Radio Review: The New Elizabethans - Robert Edwards
30 July 2012 - by Cait McDonagh
'The New Elizabethans', Radio 4's series profiling the great and the good of the last 60 years, turned to the life and achievements of Sir Robert Edwards, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for his pioneering work on IVF... [Read More]

BioNews News articles written by Cait McDonagh:
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Judge criticises clinic's 'seriously deficient' care of couple after clerical blunder
18 April 2016 - by Cait McDonagh
A clerical mistake at a Sheffield IVF clinic meant that a father's status as his child's legal parent was put in doubt... [Read More]
Editas goes public despite CRISPR patent battle
8 February 2016 - by Cait McDonagh
A biotechnology company co-founded by two leading scientists involved in developing the genome-editing technology, CRISPR/Cas9, has gone public, raising over $94 million in its initial share offering... [Read More]
US TV star must remain legal parent to child born via surrogacy
30 November 2015 - by Cait McDonagh
An appeals court in Pennsylvania, USA, has ruled that a woman is to remain the legal parent of a child born through surrogacy, despite separating from her husband before the child was born... [Read More]
BRCA gene cannot be patented, says Australia's High Court
12 October 2015 - by Cait McDonagh
An isolated gene sequence cannot be patented, Australia's highest court has unanimously ruled. It is the latest and final decision in litigation that has lasted over five years... [Read More]
US Congress moves to block embryo editing
6 July 2015 - by Cait McDonagh
The US Congress has released a bill that would prohibit the Food and Drug Administration from spending any money in relation to projects that involve editing the human genome... [Read More]
Myriad Genetics settles with BRCA test competitors
2 February 2015 - by Cait McDonagh
Myriad Genetics has settled litigation with competitors who had been using genetic testing for breast cancer genes... [Read More]
Chemotherapy patient challenges NHS fertility preservation funding refusal
14 April 2014 - by Cait McDonagh
A Crohn's disease patient is challenging a decision to refuse her funding for her eggs to be cryopreserved before she undergoes a bone marrow transplant and chemotherapy... [Read More]
'Genetically-guided' supplements company settles after Federal Trade Commission lawsuit
20 January 2014 - by Cait McDonagh
A biotechnology company that produces genetically customised nutritional supplements has settled charges of deceptive advertising with the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) over claims that its products could treat a number of ailments and diseases... [Read More]
Lesbian couple sue hospital after being 'refused IVF'
18 November 2013 - by Cait McDonagh
Two women claim to have been refused IVF treatment on the NHS at St Mary's Hospital in Manchester on the basis of their sexuality... [Read More]
California: Bill to allow women to sell eggs for research is vetoed
19 August 2013 - by Cait McDonagh
The Governor of California, Jerry Brown, has vetoed a bill that would have allowed women to sell their eggs for medical research... [Read More]