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Ayesha Jadoon

Ayesha Jadoon was previously a Volunteer Writer at BioNews, having originally joined the publication under the auspices of its writing scheme.

BioNews Review articles written by Ayesha Jadoon:
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Film Review: Genes and Life
20 February 2012 - by Ayesha Jadoon
With clear and concise information, the 'Genes and Life' DVD serves its purpose as an introduction to the field of genetics. However, it quickly became quite repetitive and lacked the entertainment value that would have taken it beyond merely an educational DVD... [Read More]

BioNews News articles written by Ayesha Jadoon:
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Gene therapy beneficial but not permanent in serious immune disorder
5 March 2012 - by Ayesha Jadoon
Early trials in patients with chronic granulomatous disorder (x-CGD), a recessive X-linked condition that affects the immune system, have shown signs of success following the use of gene therapy. The observed boost in immunity of those undergoing treatment was only temporary, however, and the faulty gene causing x-CGD was not corrected permanently.... [Read More]
Miniature DNA sequencer could read a genome in seconds
27 February 2012 - by Ayesha Jadoon
A handheld device for sequencing DNA on the move has been unveiled by UK company Oxford Nanopore. The single-use MinION tool resembles a USB drive in size and shape, and the company hopes it will be put into routine use by clinicians and researchers alike... [Read More]
Australian IVF doctor sued for £7m after child born with genetic disorder
6 February 2012 - by Ayesha Jadoon
An IVF doctor in Australia who was involved in the conception of a child affected by a genetic disorder is being sued for 'wrongful birth'.... [Read More]
Chromosome analysis increases IVF success
31 January 2012 - by Ayesha Jadoon
A new method of looking for chromosomal abnormalities in embryos can increase the chance of successful IVF implantation, a recent study in the journal Fertilisation In Vitro has shown.... [Read More]
Gene link to oesophageal cancer
23 January 2012 - by Ayesha Jadoon
The gene causing a skin disorder which predisposes to oesophageal cancer has been identified. More than nine out of ten people with tylosis, which causes thickening of the skin on the palms and soles, will develop oesophageal cancer before the age of 65, but until now the reason for this was obscure... [Read More]
Stem cells could offer a future free from insulin injections
16 January 2012 - by Ayesha Jadoon
'Re-training' immune cells in people with type 1 diabetes reduces the amount of insulin they need to inject, according to a results from a small clinical trial... [Read More]