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Arit Udoh

Arit Udoh is a Volunteer Writer at BioNews, having originally joined the publication under the auspices of its writing scheme. She is also a trained pharmacist, and completed a PhD in pharmacy practice and policy at University College London's School of Pharmacy. Her doctoral research, conducted in collaboration with the International Pharmaceutical Federation's Education Initiative, focused on evaluating policies that support the development of the global pharmacy workforce. She currently works as the Clinical Trials Coordinator at the Anglia Ruskin University Clinical Trials Unit, where she is involved with managing a portfolio of clinical studies in cancer, renal and ophthalmology.

BioNews Comment articles written by Arit Udoh:
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Debating donor conception 10 years after the removal of anonymity
9 November 2015 - by Arit Udoh
'The kids are not alright.' 'Current legislation needs to do more to protect the rights of donor-conceived children.' These were some of the comments made by donor-conceived adults who attended a recent Progress Educational Trust/National Gamete Donation Trust event... [Read More]

BioNews Review articles written by Arit Udoh:
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Radio Review: One to One - Jane Hill meets Caroline Harding
5 June 2017 - by Arit Udoh
The first of two episodes of the One-to-One programme about people from families affected by genetic diseases: exploring the emotional impact of a family member's diagnosis and how relatives decide whether or not to find out if the condition will also affect them... [Read More]
Event Review: Arrival of the Fittest
1 December 2014 - by Arit Udoh
Precisely how adaptation and innovation fits into the process of natural selection remains a mystery. Evolutionary biologist Andreas Wagner thinks he's cracked the puzzle and tried to get us to agree at this Royal Institution lecture... [Read More]

BioNews News articles written by Arit Udoh:
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Mouse pancreas grown in rat reverses diabetes
30 January 2017 - by Arit Udoh
Insulin-producing cells from pancreases grown in rats can cure diabetes when transplanted into mice, according to a study... [Read More]
Toddlers should be tested for inherited cholesterol disorder
31 October 2016 - by Arit Udoh
Screening toddlers for an inherited cholesterol disorder during routine vaccinations could reduce the risk of heart attacks, a study has suggested... [Read More]
Zika can remain in semen for six months
22 August 2016 - by Arit Udoh
The Zika virus has been detected in the semen of a man six months after the onset of infection... [Read More]
New international cancer-modelling initiative announced
18 July 2016 - by Arit Udoh
A group of international scientists have announced plans to work collaboratively on a research project that aims to develop human cancer models that would better mimic the disease... [Read More]
Scientists hold 'secret' meeting on creating synthetic human genome
23 May 2016 - by Arit Udoh
A group of scientists has been criticised for holding a high-level, behind-closed-doors meeting to discuss a project to synthesise a complete human genome within ten years... [Read More]
Sunscreens may interfere with sperm function
11 April 2016 - by Arit Udoh
The ultraviolet-filtering ingredients in sunscreen products interfere with the normal function of human sperm when applied to a sperm-containing solution in the lab... [Read More]
US approves modified-virus cancer treatment
2 November 2015 - by Arit Udoh
The US Food and Drug Administration has approved a drug derived from a genetically modified herpes virus for the treatment of melanoma that cannot be removed by surgery... [Read More]
Clomiphene outperforms new treatment for unexplained fertility
28 September 2015 - by Arit Udoh
A study shows that treatment of unexplained infertility with the standard treatment clomiphene results in more live births, and a lower risk of multiple births, than a potential new drug letrozole... [Read More]
IVF availability linked to motherhood delay
1 September 2015 - by Arit Udoh
Access to IVF may serve as 'fertility insurance' for women, making them more inclined to delay motherhood and focus on their career, a study has suggested... [Read More]
Chinese website sells sperm online
27 July 2015 - by Arit Udoh
Alibaba, the China-based e-commerce firm, has offered its male users up to £525 in exchange for their sperm... [Read More]