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Ari Haque

Ari Haque was previously a Volunteer Writer at BioNews. She has an MA in Medical Ethics and Law from King's College London's Dickson Poon School of Law. Previously, she studied Law at the University of Oxford's Magdalen College. Her main interest is reproductive ethics.

BioNews Review articles written by Ari Haque:
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Event Review: Health data - better care or privacy nightmare?
11 April 2016 - by Ari Haque
This discussion stayed too safe. Panellists came equipped with relevant case studies and analogies to demonstrate their opinions, but did not challenge each other or the audience as much as they could have... [Read More]
Radio Review: Thinking Allowed - 'New' Biological Relatives and Kinship
30 June 2014 - by Ari Haque
Surprisingly, the theme of kinship is not explored in detail during this show. Instead, the speakers skirt around the topic and set the scene without going any further... [Read More]
Radio Review: Intelligence: Born Smart, Born Equal, Born Different
28 May 2014 - by Ari Haque
The controversy posed by the question of how much genetics can influence intelligence and, in turn, the dilemma posed by what this should mean for educational policy are presented in a balanced, reasoned manner here... [Read More]
Event Review: Patently Obvious?
10 March 2014 - by Ari Haque
As part of the British Library's TalkScience season, a panel of eminent speakers to discussed the role of patents in biomedicine... [Read More]

BioNews News articles written by Ari Haque:
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IVF funding: Bedfordshire 1 – Brentwood 0
28 November 2016 - by Ari Haque
Basildon and Brentwood CCG has announced that it will no longer provide fertility treatment, including IVF on the NHS to new patients... [Read More]
Biotech company Editas to begin human gene editing in 2017
16 November 2015 - by Ari Haque
A US biotechnology start-up co-founded by two pioneers of CRISPR technology intends to begin gene editing in humans as part of an experimental treatment to target a rare genetic eye disorder... [Read More]
Woman with MS gives birth to granddaughter
7 September 2015 - by Ari Haque
A woman in the USA who acted as a surrogate for her daughter has given birth to her biological granddaughter... [Read More]
Freeze sperm at 18, urges bioethicist
29 June 2015 - by Ari Haque
A UK bioethicist has argued that 18-year-old men should consider freezing their sperm to reduce the risk of their children having genetic disorders... [Read More]
CRISPR gene-editing patents disputed
18 May 2015 - by Ari Haque
Patents for the gene-editing technology, CRISPR/Cas9, are the subject of a dispute between scientists at University of California, Berkeley and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard.... [Read More]
Father given parental rights in home insemination case
27 April 2015 - by Ari Haque
A man who provided sperm to a female friend who then used it to conceive without sexual intercourse has been awarded parental rights by the Virginia Court of Appeals in the USA... [Read More]
James Watson sells DNA discovery Nobel prize for $4.1 million
8 December 2014 - by Ari Haque
James Watson, the co-discoverer of the DNA double helix structure, has auctioned off his gold Nobel Prize awarded for the discovery for over £3 million.... [Read More]
Actor Jason Patric declared legal parent and not sperm donor after long legal battle
10 November 2014 - by Ari Haque
Actor Jason Patric has been declared legal parent after a two-year long legal challenge to a ruling that declared him simply a sperm donor for his son... [Read More]
Nine-month suspended sentence for prolific private sperm donor who sexually abused client
6 October 2014 - by Ari Haque
A university professor who offered private, 'insemination services' has been sentenced to a nine-month suspended sentence for sexually assaulting a woman... [Read More]
Activated gene extends life by a third - in fruit flies
15 September 2014 - by Ari Haque
Activating a single gene can slow the ageing process and considerably extend life, scientists have discovered... [Read More]